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Seductive Poetry Dec 2020
Be gentle with her. She may be a warrior, but every a warrior needs a safe place to retreat. Behind a queen a strong king to keep her centered. A goddess needs a temple to dwell. Yes she can do this alone, but be the reason she doesn’t have to.

Be gentle with her. Be the quiet place that calms her when her mind is restless. Her battles have left wounds and scars, don’t try to mend these wounds, but give her refuge so they can begin to heal. Treat her like the woman she is, but also the woman she wishes to be.

Be gentle with her. Hold her tight and chase away the demons that haunt her dreams. Support her in her life, her journey, her joys and her struggles. Accept her at her worst so you can see her at her best. Be the one who gives her a reason to show all of herself, to unlock parts of herself that have lain dormant.

Be gentle with her. Lead her with actions when she’s tired of leading herself. Command her with your touch and guide her body with pleasure. Claim her with a look and soft whispers of rough things. Give her a space to let go of everything and experience anything. Be gentle with her, when she needs it, and she will cherish you for that.


— The End —