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J Apr 2018
Oh - to be seventeen
And beautiful
And musical
With starry dreams!
To be naive
And full of hope
And never mope
And want to live!

And yet...

How too quickly
A dream can be crushed -
A strong voice shushed -
Left down and sickly.
How easily
A harsh decision
Can rock a vision
Into disbelief.

But still...

This is just a scene
We’re still in Act One -
Not close to done!
Page seventeen.
It’s too soon to see
The hero’s fate
We’ll have to wait
Until your Act Three.
Movies often use a three act structure to unfold a story (exposition, rising action, resolution).  I’ve always liked the notion of being the hero of your own life movie and the recognition that each person’s existence tells a story... and At 17 there is still a lot more plot to uncover even if the protagonist seems to be struggling.
Sethnicity Apr 2017
Where did you come from
I'm not ready for devastation
You sang a tune new
Though I've heard it before
You r hearts been Hurt    So
I'll just apply pressure to the sore

So let Us split ourselves in two pieces
As we fall like bombs on our oasis
All the masses dialed into the Fist
Watch the world smoldering in the Mist

Will the moon stay still in shadows

Will this heart ache survive the battles

Blades ohm b fore heads bow 2 gallows

Eyes shut sight white push from the gut hold the altos

Creme d la rouge fades to sage sea emotion shallow

Severed head from heart remembers the start
When love was too vast to paddle
when it feels like the hurting never ends
Sethnicity Apr 2017
I don't know but you've been Told

Chasin Power and greed will Rot your Soul

Look at the World with Open Eyes

You'd  be surprised at who's got stuff to Hide!

------------Left Right ----- Left Right -----------

The First is Last and Worst are First

Their power schemes put men in Hurst

Justify the Genocide

Man verses Man We Devour in Stride

Sound Off
Hum an
Sound Off
Be In
Sound Off
Human Beatings
I support those who support others...
I fight for Life, Truth, and the Pursuit of Happiness.
I will not apologize
Sethnicity Apr 2017
Yet I Am Ready
Watching the waves eat away the castles made of sand
Staring at the way wind is churning at infrastructure       land
like a big bad wolf who found the fear and lean foundation of a brick house
I am ready for her hand

I am all ready
Traversing fields filled with fruitless wonders
burning tundras rolling thunders
A Man attempting to put out its grand made funeral pyre
with nothing but a Jack and Jill bucket filled with reverse osmosis electrolyte infused hydrogen oxygen expired prayers
I am Ready for no man land

I have a radio already
Listening to Nokia raven chirps and bubble bee gyrations.
Evergreens whispers as wild blooms break concrete and asphalt and building plans
giving smiles to homeless man and woman
dreamers flowering in the night lights that were supposed to replace stars

I am ready
for the woods to takeover the hoods
for bear feets to take over the streets
for napkins to become extinct
to write with my god-given red ink
so that my being will dye into stone and dirt
To leave my DNA on my mothers belly and hear her cry
As she covers my mouth closes her eyes tearful from radioactive winds
let her know that I loved her and hugged her every chance I could
I am ready to give up me for we have not given back enough
We have devoured the essence and forgotten how to seed and harvest  
the nothing has become us
which is why Earths flesh is colored rust
like  blood mixed with scratching dust
we have bruised the body
and wonder if we can blame something someone else
but US
Every time the finger points the object of our deflection disappears
Rearrange the letters she was trying to help us HEARt
Rearrange the letters EARth is trying to make us Heart
I'm trying to make us Ear

These MTHFCKRS are among US.
We have bred them with our love lust
still unaware that they a fungus
These MTHRFCKRS have become US
they save a life to **** it from us.
they manufacture fakes to stunt us
These MTHRFCKRS have become US
Ideas devoid of what we need to come up
She must go now and rip it from us
We must shed our blood just to fund us
Cause these MTHRFCKRS have out done US
What have we become?
I have not given up this is not about surrender it is about sacrifice.
What are you willing to sacrifice for a Better way and Better World a Better Future... or are you just another DMN MTHR FCKR

— The End —