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Samuel Hoffmann Jan 2021
I have a one way relationship with myself
And the illusion that the internet creates
To convince me I’m communicating.
Keiri Aug 2019
Lonely at the end.
Where will I go from this path?
Empty trees with shade

There is no beginning here.
We'll have only sad endings.
5 lines
5-7-5-7-7 syllables
qynce b May 2014
we met on the fourth of july
and you were so fly
and i was so white
and that first rhyme was so white
(i know)
but we stayed up all night
just looking at the stars trying to find constellations
and i looked it up later and we got them all wrong
and to be honest we didn't meet on the fourth of july

it's only may
and i see you every tuesday
and i see you every thursday
and we talk and we laugh
and i never look back
on our conversations and feel anxious
like i do with everyone else
and to be honest it's june and not may

you're leaving for college in only a month
and i'm only a junior and that really *****
and we're on the same wavelength and we have the same tastes
and really i just oh my god i really like your face
and you got accepted to my top choice college
but you're going to somewhere in florida instead
and to be honest you're leaving in much sooner than a month

and i won't meet anyone on the fourth of july
i'll stare at the stars and wonder why
though i don't feel anxious or weird talking to you
i still couldn't get up the courage to go through
with saying anything to your face, your really nice face
that would smile and laugh while we tried to find constellations
and to be honest i'll meet someone on the fourth of july
but it will only be hercules, high in the sky
qynce b May 2014
Please keep in mind, I've lost my glasses
and can't see very well right now.
So sorry if I miss your clear annoyance
or mistake your rejection for acceptance.

I can't find my glasses
sorry if I don't make much sense.
Everything's quite blurry
and turned well into nonsense.

And I know the rhyming in this poem
isn't very good at all.
But you see, I've lost my glasses
and can't see very well right now.
qynce b Apr 2014
Because I feel nostalgic
holding onto the ends of my sleeves
so they won't get bunched when I put on my coat

Because I think of the past
whenever I eat at Dairy Queen
or drive by the park in the town I grew up in

Because I can't forget
balancing on railroad ties
or fishing for nothing in the ditch outside my house

Because I remember
the time my cat killed a rabbit
and burying a box of toys in the yard with my sister for Pirate Day

Because my childhood was filled with
visiting you at work and meeting you for lunch
and climbing on your work truck even though you told me not to

Because whenever I see the Big Dipper
I remember you pointing it out one night
and not being able to make it out in the blackness

Because remembering anything of those days
I am suddenly struck with your presence in them
and the realization that looking back on the days I live now

I won't be able to feel nostalgic for you anymore
(my grandpa in case you were wondering)

— The End —