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Kitten Yvad Oct 2020
I cried in a cafe
over the summer

Atop a sheet of music
my tears blurred
the digital bars on the screen

Yes Suz I've told him
&i  swear I still love him
you think maybe he doesn't believe me?

Love, you gave me
your note book, you call me
sweet things help me with
Sheetmusic reading

When im with him
I only think of you
Multilove my heart is
split in two
tell me tell me how it
feels so whole???

Your piano fingers,
you cup My face,
im dying to say your name

you teach me to spell
it with notes
I tell you I love him

Your smile, I see your eyes
you are so pure, my love,I'm afraid
I'm going to hell

If I told you I love you
You'd never believe me
All the love im living im breathing
Minor harmonic, my heart a
diminished third

You hold me, Habibi
and tell me you're sorry
your fear wasn't for me

I've only been soft

Atop a sheet of music
my tears blurred
the digital bars
"multilove" made me cry in the cafe like I was divorcing my partner of 20 years and parent of my children. When really I just loved two people of different genders at once, and equally. Can you even imagine falling into despair over how good it feels to be in love? To be in more love.  When nothing's wrong.. there's only love. And feel like you don't deserve to feel it all.
Brent Kincaid Oct 2017
You’re my now and then lover
And I never know just when
You’re going to go away
And if you’re coming back again.
I know these are the rules
We are supposed to both play
But I don’t know anyone else
Who likes to do things this way.

You said your spirit is free
And I understood it to be
Something you wanted to have
For both you and me.
But I’m not that kind of person
And I told you from the start.
This go and come relationship
Just serves to break my heart.

At the start I made excuses
Just for the sake of going steady
But too much time has passed
And I discovered I’m not ready.
And maybe I will never change
And never quite turn out to be
The kind of person you need,
A kindred soul, no ties and free.

So, with my soul crying out loud
Like the romantic child I seem to be
I have to say goodbye to you
And let your body and spirit run free.
I may never understand this thing
That won’t ever let you settle down;
That lets you love me deeply
But constantly go and fool around.

So, I will have to let you go
And become a hot memory;
One that I will keep in my heart
That will always mean a lot to me.
I must accept that for a while
I chose you and you chose me.
And that you believe in a love
That’s all about freedom, but sadly
It’s was not about me.
And never can be.
So go and be free.

— The End —