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AprilDawn Nov 2017
during  those
last high school days
a  sweet memory
pressed  into  my psyche
his  big smile
framed with  dimples
and sparkling blue eyes
although coupled
with unrequited  love
where it dwelled
for decades
  in a musty  yearbook
until a chance meeting
brought sparks to life
then this
vintage crush
infused our  two
aging  hearts
  newborn love
I bought this  bottle of  white wine  a few months back , and the label said " Vintage Crush", in my mind  I  immediately related it to my  fiancé  and my 's relationship.  We knew each other back in the day, and he thought we were just friendly ,  but I had always wanted more.We caught up with each other  26 years later , and  we have been a couple  for the past nearly 10 years now.

— The End —