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Rizna M Rameez Aug 2019
Did you buy the air for money, perhaps?
Or your lungs by labour?
Why is it that you feel entitled to be privileged to live, yet you
Deem for me no worth of life?

Was it not the same God that gave you the air and the lungs to breathe it by?
Then why do you consider the ground you tread deserving of my blood sacrifice?

Why is it that you feel entitled
To live,
While me,
To die?

In God's realm there is no majority nor minority,
Only that there is the one who hoarded pleasures,
And the one who was robbed of it.
And one day,
One day,
You will answer for why you thought the lungs and air
You and I got for the same price
Was only worthy of yourself.
Again, the plight of the Uighur, Rohingya, Syria, Yemen and Palestine etc, does not cease in torture. (Also, I am back from a half-year long writer's block, guess I lost the inspiration and passion, and eventually interest).
Rizna M Rameez May 2019
Where are the voices now?
Where are the people?
Where are the documentaries?

Now, when silent holocausts in Yemen, Uighur, Syria, Rohingya

Or are these things merely reserved for after their souls have been ripped from their bodies
Where are the human rights?
Where is humanity?

What is the world doing, donating charities and leading protests by the thousands, yet turning a blind eye on the worst forms of torture?
Just Why? Why is there NO way to help them out? Why is this allowed to even happen?
Rizna M Rameez Jun 2018
Perhaps we have made ourselves believe
That what we believe, is right, is right
And perhaps we have taken the truly pensieve
To make an effect, that minor is might

Perhaps we have forced us to only stand by the sidelines,
And watch while millions die at the blood curling battle raging by steel mines

Perhaps now we truly think that it is gray to not be involved,
To not show support, to the killing, or killed,
Perhaps we have forgotten that to watch and not lend a hand,
Is a ****** of oneself, of one's own conscience

And killed at our own hands we stand,
A lifeless life driven by greed and ignorance,
And involving in good that is now banned,
Shown by a heartless voice 'There dies millions'.
How people only sympathize and don't make an effort to help those in their plights, and how they think it is alright to end with that. It becomes easy for people to see and hear and even talk about millions of people dying because we have become heartless just watching them.
Hasan Aspahani Sep 2017
by Hasan Aspahani

1.   Is prison only behind walls and iron bars or is it also in a free land that wants to be erased from history and maps?

2. Is killing possible only by the army and with weapons or also from the silence of the person who should speak?

3. What fears are now making you unable to feel the fear of hundreds of thousands of people whose homes burned, as well as mosques and rice fields left behind?

4. Can not you just imagine what they want to do is go home, study, and sit on the edge of the bed waiting for the dying mom?

5. Is it still beautiful that peacock dance when in between the tail feathers prepare army troops opened fire on people who do not understand why they must be expelled or die?

6. Do you want to once again get The Nobel Peace Prize for something you have to do that I should not mention in this question?

— The End —