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Beleif Jul 2014
Low-Hanging Tree
Part III

Dream of the hills,
And picture the mountain.
I see the sun born,
Making way through the storm.
The winds blow against me,
Rain lands on my face.
The grass is now dreary,
My travel remains.
Beleif Jul 2014
Low-Hanging Tree
Part II

I set out with a strong tune,
And a thick beat in my heart.
My goal in life is visible,
And my pathway lies ahead.
But yet I find myself aware
Of seaspray on my face.
But I know there's nothing there,
My pathway lies ahead.

I'll find the low-hanging tree,
The clouds.
As I imagine in my head.
Beleif Jul 2014
Low-Hanging Tree
Part I

To be lying in the ocean in an everlasting dream.
To be crying out for wonder,
All the more in my belief.
I'll be tossing out my gold,
As that of which I've seen.
I'll be setting for adventure,
And I'll leave my narrow stream.
Beleif Jul 2014
Low-Hanging Tree
Part IV

The sun invisible,
Hiding in clouds of blackness.
My footprints unidentified,
Lacking any intactness.
My vision altered by dust,
My body struggling with wind.
My mind circling with ignorance,
My eyes, shadowed, and thin.

— The End —