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We stand there laughing
As lobsters are fighting
I suggest their plotting
some kind of escape?!

You tell me nooo,
they're definitely fighting.

We stand and watch it out.

I lean against you and smile
at this tank in the store.

Then we move on
and continue to explore.
Thomas Sparrow Sep 2016
Lobsters in the ocean.
Lobsters in the traps.
Lobsters on the lobster boats.
Never going back.
Lobsters at the Co-Op.
Lobsters in the car.
Lobsters topped with seaweed
gettin' closer to the fire (pronounced far with a drawl accent)
Lobsters in the steamin' ***.
Amazing Grace, they're done.
Lobsters on the table.
Yum. Yum. Yum.

— The End —