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Adasyev Jul 2016
A few blooms in Bohemia
for your hair do a duty
and make their red heavier
to fit the brown of your beauty.

But how many gallows
morals have built along the trees!
Joyful sin, tell me, in their shadow,
are flowers allowed to please?

The burdock and nettles
are growing as every year
and so people of Protectus settle
with their tracts everyone's ear.

Praying is just a waste
as it was at the time I was born.
The blooming aloe is my taste
of your black hair adorned.
From Melancholic Journey (1906)
Adasyev May 2018
For you, my heaven and my hell,
I sing about me and the world as well,
about the delusions and comedy,
my desires that howl in a black night's dream.

And the tears come by twilight,
but in the sun my song is wild,
with a glitter burning still,
like two stars dancing in the sea.
From Melancholic Journey (1906)

— The End —