Call me a pacifist activist deploring insanity of war,
never a Fitbit moon-unit soldier of military industrial
complex, this articulate baby boomer verily stupefied,
openmouthed, dumbfounded at inane ill logic to send
best and brightest, or even those boasting commend

able faculties of body, mind, and spirit (tracing a long
jagged genealogical line harkening millenniums 'pon
fighting for king crimson ransom (demarcating advent
of civilization aggregating en mass), and subsequent
dawn of internecine killing fields.

Dictators topple puppet regimes wobbling
viz falling dominoes crumbling tombstones
roaming contemporary caesars fiddle
Nero foo fighters kindle burning desire

donned gawd father issues hut two, three, four...
tramping grapes of wrath
lady liberty fruited plain laid waste,
*****, pillaged defrocked

inalienable rights: pursuit of happiness
life, liberty sabotaged
dough bro’s rank and file grunts
groom thinly veil unbridled guise

coup d'etat usurp democracy
constitution left in tatters
scattershot blitzkrieg genocide scored
martial fife and corporeal
contraband taps out air

key up magnificently arrayed
highland manor soldiers
bouzouki plucking
troubadour looting accompanies
autocratic regime firebrand

dons singular purpose
affixes emergency legislation suspended
emergency moratorium stifles government
abrogates presidential elections

sanctioned covenants blithely overthrown
social media linkedin commoners coalescence
jackbooted oppressive thugs click heels
protestation meted with truncheon

tear gas canisters, pistol whip, pepper sprayed
defiant demonstrators fold
resurgent subsequent twittering uber vent
facebook, instagram, snapchat recruit

communal cascade brave combat gear
buttressed fighting force feckless fealty
(take knee) pledge allegiance furnish salvo
civilian guerillas unexpected tea and sympathy

reinforcements salvo nsync with lockstep march
coup d'etat spontaneous mission
unite dead reckoning sites unwaveringly
"FAKE" feint obeisance

flaunts commander in chief
freedom fighters fabricate "witch hunt"
megaphone blares while POTUS
perfumed, manicured, coiffed
particularly pleased popinjay puzzled

barreling madding crowd spurs surrender
presidential incumbency abridged
ousted apprenticed commander in chief
imprisoned under house arrest.

— The End —