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Paramjeet Singh Nov 2018
Years.. I've spent on the people that I loved once, putting them first before my own self.. Self... WOW... Mistakes were made, it was too late.. when i realised, but I still Recognised... Through the foggy days and thunderous nights,

Time doesn't change nor does it change you, only you, your self, your own consciousness and self awareness is what allows you to adapt and changeĀ  by self by observing the true reality, only through the eyes of your own,

When I think, am surrounded by the thoughts of possibilities which are pushed aside, not focused on and neglected like life... Make me wonder times I spent in the past, years go by and I look and still ask my self who am I?

A purpose we all live for to survive , some do well so don't.. But it all depends on how we approach opportunities in life, its how we do it it's how we survive... To be Continued...

— The End —