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Paramjeet Singh Nov 2018
Years.. I've spent on the people that I loved once, putting them first before my own self.. Self... WOW... Mistakes were made, it was too late.. when i realised, but I still Recognised... Through the foggy days and thunderous nights,

Time doesn't change nor does it change you, only you, your self, your own consciousness and self awareness is what allows you to adapt and change  by self by observing the true reality, only through the eyes of your own,

When I think, am surrounded by the thoughts of possibilities which are pushed aside, not focused on and neglected like life... Make me wonder times I spent in the past, years go by and I look and still ask my self who am I?

A purpose we all live for to survive , some do well so don't.. But it all depends on how we approach opportunities in life, its how we do it it's how we survive... To be Continued...
Paramjeet Singh Mar 2018
It is essential that we understand how life plays tricks on each one of us.

Round and round the cornor we find more paths to destruction then sucess. On one side there is good and the other bad but it is our choice's in life which define our actions and make us who we are in life.

Those who stand shoulder to shoulder with me i salute them. As i stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

Those who choose to stab you in the back, never were loyal in the first place. which is why it take time to trust, love, and care for someone who is of worthy, than a one hit wonder overnight.

i am writting this to show my love for all my boyz tonight..... WAIT!! "family" is the word i should say. each-one from another connor of the earth but still we survive everyday in this phenomenon called life on earth only because of the love and respect we have for one another.

However, it's the "dil (heart) and it's yaari (friendship)” that speaks for its self because thats what melt the hearts of every single person.

"the night was sunday, a cold breeze and a swift flow of rain poured over each and everyone of us. As we danced on the beat with the music on loud, i capture the finest moments of life at that time. How? you ask

with each blink of my eye,Safely stored in my heart and mind. why is it so hard to find friends with a golden heart?. it's because people "blindly"  look and follow  others in the wrong direction and easily get misguided by those who have deceitful intentions.  who can you really look in the eye in todays time and say,.... "HEy, till my last breath, id fight by your side" weather its a bullet or a punch, id risk my own for that someone".

They say  "you should never judge a book by its cover" because even the smallest  paragraph can capture the heart and souls of those, of the toughest minds.

As the bottles pop and the night passes by, we raise our final glasses for the last
time. 1 shot, 2 shot, 3 shot, your shot then done, all i hear is the clutter of the empty's being thrown around, ONE BY ONE.  i see the morning rays of the sun, telling me its time to stop and be done. The light so bright as it hit's my eyes, i can barley open them, whilst being on this special russian high. Southern is a favourite but **** also passes by,  as we get rocked and finish the party in the morning time.

i consider my self lucky to be surrounded by those who insprie and motivate me all the time, whilst hidding away their pain behind a big smile.  i feel my heart is at peace, when am standing with the ones who are always there for me.
Ready to strike at those who dare strike at me.

Remember, in life there are those who will  try n cheat death for you, hold you high when your feeling really low, cheer you up when you go through the worse times and stand with you through the bad and the good times.  i leave you with this to figure out, who are the real deal and who just scream 'n' shout.

— The End —