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Harsha Jun 2018
If CNN reports there is a meteorite heading towards earth
Hurling through space
Then this is how I choose to spend the last of my days
My last moments on earth burying my face
Between your long legs - In that special sensual place
Or find comfort lost in your warm cleavage;
Perfectly formed from your voluptuous breast  
That makes up cotton candy mountains upon your chest;
If this is the end
I would tilt back my head lock my eyes with yours
As I rescue my face
To come up for some much needed air
Then resume immediately after a couple of breaths
So I could comfortably vanish back into your chest;
If this is the end- then
This is how I choose to face this impending carnage
This last and most unfortunate fate
Buried between your lovely legs or taking refuge submerged in your cleavage
Considering myself to be the luckiest of hostage;
Who s struck with a mild case of the Stockholm syndrome(you see)
Even in the face, of such a great threat, guaranteeing certain death
But yet - feeling completely safe, enjoying the way you taste
Listening to your heartbeat- I am both lost and found in your gaze
Then forgetting this fate - I marvel at your god given grace
Looking forward to the end
I rest my hopes my dreams my secrets upon your cleavage
wrote this last night on a whim - this morning she begged me not to post this she did not consider this as a win. i know this is messy i know it sounds crazy but i had to share this and i am really sorry baby ! :)

— The End —