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Ruheen May 2019
If you see a girl reading,
And she is lost in that world of words,
Do not get up and bother her,
For you are blocking
Her path of escape
Into a world where people are allowed
More than a few moments of happiness.
So let her stay
Away from this world, we call reality,
Because that may be all she has.
Seriously, do not bother me when I am reading, otherwise, I will burn you alive.
Or I'll drain your body of blood and hang it up somewhere for all to see, kind of like a warning.
Or   I'll poison you with laundry detergent and watch as you throw up blood.
Or I'll just repeatedly slash at you with a butcher's knife until your face becomes unrecognizable.
Or.....if you're a guy, I'll just simply kick you where it hurts the most.
AND if you're a girl, I'll just make your life a living hell - rumours, secrets, drama, you know the usual.
How's that? Too much?

— The End —