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clementine Jul 2020
i wasn't enough for you from the start,
baby, in your eyes—i was never an art.
the world is full of shade and prose.
a phantom pain in my heart rose.

your heart and mine will never link,
i cried into poetry by my tears that are made of ink.
hair flowing amidst July breez⁠—i sat by the stake,
struggling with pain that i couldn't take.

i recall the sweet lies you told,
i think it'll hunt me 'til i'm old.
in my heart you left a scar,
heart raced as fast as a car.

in your deception i'm stuck,
hairs behind my ears that you tuck.
in the middle of the path, i tread
with emotions i feel that are hard to read.

monotone whispers of the devil.
unconciously, i smiled like an evil,
stared at the strands of my hair that i pluck.
i'm gonna end this pain, wish me luck!

i'd rather end myself than to recall your sweet lies.

— The End —