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They fear me
What they fear is my strength
They fear my capabilities
I surprise them with audacity
In challenging them mentally
They fear confrontation
They fear creativity
They fear natural aura
They fear that I overcome hate with love,
Anger with kindness
They fear my boldness
They fear I can think on my own
What I represent frightens them
I am a threat to the system of conformity
I am a threat to the world system
They blame me for riots- revolts-revolutions
They fear my conscious approach
They fear that I love myself that I am still\natural in –
Skin tones- hair- eyes- principles- values- standards
They fear that I am not a replica
I am firm in the choice of music
I am self-motivated
They paint me to the world as a rebel and terrorist
Is it true what they say?
That I- bomb countries and taking lives
Have I invaded?
Did I ****, ******, genocide, extinct
Have I disrupted lives?
Have I killed?
Was it I?
You know most of all what they fear
It is what they paint me to be is untrue
Therefore, they slaughter us
Turn others of our own kind against us
Why do they do this?
Because I am different
Difference is something they fear.

All rights Reserved.
Christena AV Williams
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— The End —