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Knit Personality Sep 2016
A werewolf is nothing but a big werechihuahua.
What you really need to watch out for is the werechupacabra.

Beginning of the end is the start
Of something new;
You have the choice to be your true
Self. Don't be afraid to speak your mind!

Only you are in charge of your own destiny;
Faith---No one can tell you how to live your life.

Zoology- "Cryptozoology, you just might exist";
Understanding that everything has a
Meaning and we all have a purpose.
Moments that we should not miss,
Everyone is equal and everyone is worth it.
R**eminder: Just be you and be kind, the rest follows!
©McNally/Flanders, Inc.
Written after watching 3 episodes of Person Of Interest and quote from Patrick Stump's "Cryptozoology" song. Title- the best tour ever; Fall Out Boy, Hoodie Allen, MAX!

— The End —