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magicbroccoli66 Sep 2017
we is no kind *** we lik de nazoos
dewinch cakle esz wbi pnik hedponesw are chool in mi book
hoorecane irmia no es divertido., we here at buzfeed tink we no wot u are dooeng
mnanspred is de goood teng ti do evri dai

gavery is dood cor my vanes
AvengingPoet Sep 2014
The so-called artists
with their ‘emotions’
are too afraid
to commentate
on the politics of the day
and keep on putting their faith
on ‘hope’ and ‘change’
by the Democrats and the Republicans
as you are blinded
by a set of lies
by the empire
and you continue to do what they told ya
as you write away on the page
with your ‘emotions’
and that is great and all
but you need to realize it’s time to care
and stop reading and watching NBC
or Fox News or any of the major conglomerates
or **** like Buzzfeed and UpWorthy or Salon
or Huffington Post and read between the lines
and look to alternative media before it’s too ******* late
and you’ve all been brainwashed
as you continue to write ‘emotions’ on the page
again and again…

I think I heard a shot.

The Warrior Cop has struck again.

The unjustified war has begun again.

The Big Business (Government) has lied once again.

I think I heard a shot…

— The End —