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summer Jun 2018
For each breath i take
i die a thousand deaths
the pain echoes through my lungs
a burning fire impossible to quench

i gasp for air waiting to be heard
how much time has passed
since I've been forgotten

but than here you are right in front of me
with your hand reaching towards mine
pulling me out of the pain i was trapped in

you are sturdy like stone
but soft underneath me
all i can think through this moment
is how did you find me

and with a intake of breath i realize
that the pain i had been carrying with me
the one that once consumed my every thought
has now dissapeard

how is it so that when you least expect it
love can come bursting forth
it comes in all shapes and sizes

big or small
tall or short
true love truly has no form

you pull me in deeper shielding me from the bitter
cold winds of the raging storm
to be loved must be like flying
once you lift up you no longer want to land

— The End —