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Sasha Raven Jan 7
SanusCoin is about the precious water,
a pearl - like the father loves his daughter ...
In the future, I will write a poem or a song,
to the SanusCoin community, I belong ...
Dennis Perini, has convinced me - to join,
you would not believe, but I love this coin!!!
There are mighty treasures in Their store,
you will love it, adore it, so much more!!!
I promote SanusCoin, it is my mission and my life,
will sign up, even my girlfriend and my future wife ...
And yes, in the SanusCoin future, I believe,
search for the treasures – and do not grieve …
Sasha Raven Jan 4
A kind soul, gave me a donation for my song
and, I was so happy, but yes, not so long ...
Ah, my life story - that donation was erased
and, with the bitter sorrow, somehow I had faced ...
The eraser, nowadays or today, is so, so rich,
that was in the year 2014, on a day - which?
The Lord teaches us, that we have to forgive!
Oh, my God, all my live I just give and give ...
In my heart and in my soul, dwell the pain,
to no one, I cannot that entertain or complain ...
So, I have decided to write this poem or the story,
hope that in the reader's eyes will reach the glory ...
Sasha Raven Nov 2018
To all the people I knew, I was more than good,
they just abused me, I am in the gloomy mood ...
One of them, was a trader with the name Randy,
I am drowning my sorrow, now, in the drink Brandy ...
He took away from me, the really, last, last money
and my Allison is saying: ''What about me, Honey?''
And yes, he does not care, if you are maybe poor,
leave you in the troubles, walking through your door ...
All what can I do, now, is praying to the Almighty Lord,
so heartless Randy, for you, I just cannot find a word ...
My BTC transaction, will be always in the Blockchain,
I hope, that you will stand, bruised and broke in the rain ...
Ronjoy Brahma Dec 2015
Black Topनि बाला स्राव स्राव
अन्थाइ सेरेपनि लामाजोँ
Bolero Scorpio सिमब्रेलांदोँ
लाइ लाफा मुलानि मोदोमाव हाद्रि फोन्नानै
लारि लारि
संख्रि फानलु बोथ्रोदग्रा फोरनि गाड़ि
मन्थ्रि एम एल ए फोर
बिसोरनोथ'मोन जोँनि सिफाइ
जोँनि हारिनि रैखानि थाखाय
बिसोरनोथ'मोन मोनजारोङैनि थाखाय
ओँखाम दै गरतसे जगायनो
मायसा दांनाय
लान्थिरामा गल' नायहरदोँ
आरो नायहरदोँ हानजासे
हाजिरा खामला मावग्रा
मिजिँ गोनां हामख्रं सोलेरनि मावथिफ्रा
होँगो दोँगो गथ'फोर
मेँब्रां-मेँब्रिँ नायनो सेलायदोँ
बहाथो मानसि गिदिरा?
बैलाय बैनो फिथा हास'नाया
ए बेनो बेनो
उदै गिदिरा नामा?
दांखालियाव गोदानाय
सानफ्रामबो जायै जायै
अमा बोरमा बेदर बेसे जानो?
हाउजिं गंसेनि मुंआव
बुरखाव लांहानियाव बोथिसे जालांदोँ
साम'जोँ सबायजोँ
दाउला खासि अनला खारै
नाथुरजोँ लाफाजोँ मोननो गैयै नाफाम
जाबाबो जाथ्र हायै फ्लेट खुरै बुंजाफा
खुसियैनो जाहोहरदोँ बुरखावआ
नाथाय जाला सिफिया लाथिम
थायसेबो थायाखिसै
नोगोद नैरोजा बाजौ खरसा थांबाय
बेखौ मालाय बहा मोनखो
रां दाहार गोनांखा-
देवबार माहाजोननियावसो दाहार.....।

— The End —