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Light House Feb 2017
On archery:

Upon release -- without a proper arrow -- unleashed, stored potential-energy
will quake about either limb of the bow.  This kind of transference is known as a dry fire, & can sometimes rage ..till the arrow-less bow shatters.

This is what can occur when there is no place to send bottled-force.
..It needs room to escape, matching inch for inch the distance
covered had an arrow been shot into the sky, fired at the ground,
or sent down range.  ...That can sometimes be a lot ....of distance.... make up.
Sally A Bayan Feb 2017
I wish i were a weapon======
Given a choice
I'd surely be a harmless bow and arrow ===>>>
But a surefire those of Cupid's ===>>>
When released==>>>and aimed==>>> towards your body
My feelings ===>>> my energies ===>>>
Shall ride with its trajectory=====>>>>>
To be implanted in your body
Like a micro chip, buried inside your flesh...
Inconspicuous, as a coin on the ground...lost in  
A mesh...or the bullet of a magical laser gun,
No pain, ===
Targeted towards your heart <3
My smile
Would be resting deep inside,
................occupying space claim your love
Deprive me not of your precious love,
I aim not, to deprive you of your precious life,
I mean to enhance our lives, for our hearts, to jibe<3
              <3 <3 <3


Copyright February 11, 2017
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
Love poem #6...
...very foolish...teenager-ish..funny....almost silly, or stupid...just like how we behave, when in love...<3

— The End —