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Hanna C S Jul 2019
Will you remain unwritable;
As you continue to sift
Between the gaps of these words
And fall,
    bouncing from line to
     As I, blind, attempt to grasp the
                         Essence of you,
And keep it,
Splayed and pinned and dead -
Between covers of memory -
Or mounted over mantle piece,
Like grim reaper’s memorabilia,
hung for perverse public viewing?

“Welcome in, would you like a look at all the creatures I've killed.”
Allie Dotson Aug 2018
My love
the only one
I was deceived
because I'm a nobody
and I liked it when you treated me as a somebody
so I fell for a 3 year war
what's the body count of all the heart's you've killed
what was the score of the game you were playing
The puppeteer I should of seen
I became another one on a string  
I shouldn't of said it was all in my head
maybe I would have realized he was walking ahead
and I was the one hanging on by a thread
why did it have be
that I was just a hobby to fill
the time you had to waste
the side dish if you will
why was she was the main course
plus the dessert
how is it fair that I'm the one having withdrawl
when it was me who was suppose to be the drug
but at least my heart will heal
As for you though
Don't you know
Even if take you 100 hearts
you'll never even have 1

— The End —