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Sam Feb 4
I remember myself at 5

seeing the world with an innocent eye.

It was fun, my life was bright

being a kid makes you feel alright.

But time grew fast now I'm 21

Living slap hard – I tried to run.

In distinctions of happy and sad

my mind was confused

and so was amused

that I once was a little boy

now I become a blue boy.
21, Copyright © 2019
Sam N. de la Rosa
All Rights Reserved.
Galbraith Frase Oct 2017
Here's a poetic division for a boy who caused a dozen,
A dozen expectations and a bucket of hope.
But was I hopeless?
Yes, I was, and it felt tight like a strangling rope.

If I could count those glances and stares that you threw, I would.
To me they're unexplainable but I know there is a meaning.
Those dark orbs of yours sometimes lighten and a shade of grey,
They keep taunting me, under pressure, made my heart beating.

Sweet talk, sweet words, sweet nothings.
How come they zoned out to be a foul?
There is nothing to blame, not even my challenged reputations.
Afterall, it did not matter, because you made me fall.

I cannot forget your hints, they're all stuck in my head.
Every little word you say is quite tangible.
But I regret everything, all the unsolved puzzles,
This memory is the worst and surely unforgettable.

Your label's blank, erased, and unnamed,
I had scorched down my crown and of course, my ability.
As fragile and broken as a cracked vase,
Blue boy, you should know that you're nothing to me.
Wrote this at 2am and it felt good lol :)

— The End —