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Erin Nicole Nov 2016
Here are ten good things about myself..okay...? this is ANDY'S CHALLENGE!!
1. I care about others
2. I love to help others
3. I have faith and hope
4. I try and be truthful
5. I put others before me
6. I try to do be a good person and do the right thing
7. I put trust in people
8.(I guess) I'm smart
9. I have pretty hair
10. I don't give up (easy)
these are as good as there gonna get with me. just saying.
Echo Dec 2014
~I knew from the moment we met,
That it was to be you.
You fell for me also, my signal that our love was true.
Your eyes hold the stars of the sky,
Your positivity lifts me up,
You're the one for me,
I see,
Forever yours I'll be.
But this is not about me,
This is all for you.
I don't need to know what you look like,
To tell you that you look amazing.
And I don't need to hear the words, I love you~
To know this is a true feeling we share.
Our rose of love has just bloomed,
You know it's true, you know it's true.
Without you to help me,
To save me from the dark,
Where would I be? Where would I be?
If I were to die tonight,
I would only want you by my side.
It's you that I see, it's you that I see.
I love us,
But more importantly,
I love you. I love you.
Shine like the star you are,
Soar above the rest,
Show them who you are my dear,
Show them you're the best!
My love for you will never change,
You stood up for me.
You told them how to be.
You defended me with words of beauty,
And showed me the world so I could see.
You're the only person who's ever defended me,
The only one.
And hoping our love will surely grow,
I just want you to know,
Thank you for being you.
And nobody else.
Always remember us.
Always remember us~
For you, Whispers in the Dark! <3
Creep Dec 2014
Things about me that I should be proud of but don't really care much for:

-The way I can mend people sometimes...
-The way I can have impromptu dance parties when the right song comes on...
-The way I can beat your *** if you hurt my friends...
-The way I can show you the love you deserve...
-The anger and rebellion inside of me that I've held in for so long...
-Somehow being able to tolerate and bear with the little freedom I have the and the want to have more...
-Being able to deal with my crushes, keeping them somewhat in check XD
-The smashing buttons that I can do and still win the video games I play c:
-My stubbornness
-How I'm gonna smack you :D and then act all innocent :P
-My music taste
-My loyalty to my friends
off the top of my head lol
WistfulHope Dec 2014
She can see something beautiful in everyone
        She reads more books than anyone else I know
She gives people presents '"just because," even though she can't afford it
        She has a cute accent that's stronger when she's upset or tired
She would travel around the world for someone she cares about
        She never forgets those who are kind to her
She always smells really good
        She is always honest
She likes to sleep under the stars -- literally
        She fights for what she believes in, loyal as ****
This is bad, but here you go George.
Thunderstorm Dec 2014
To make this a challenge,
I'm doing me.
So, good things on me....
I can write pretty well
I finished NaNoWriMo
I type pretty fast when I get into it
I'm in chorus
I can do school stuff if I try
I'm alive?
Is that a good thing?
Not everyone hates me
I may have a few friends
I don't know any more
But thank you Andy
For that challenge,
It sort of did help.
For Andy's challenge, go find it if you need  to but please do it

— The End —