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I still miss your everything.
The way you made me laugh at my most stubborn moments.  
The way you smiled when I was being stupid.  
Your stupid giggle when finding something funny on social media,
Immediately showing me after.
The most beautiful brown eyes I’ve ever seen.  
The color of tigers eye, shining in the sun.  
The features of chiseled mountains that I want to lose myself inside.  
Telling me I will be okay, pushing me to do more for myself.  
Selfless love, yet selfish in all the right ways.  
I just miss you.  

I remember the distance.  
The sleepless nights, wondering if the love was still there.  
It wasnt for a long time, yet you knew that.  
You hurt me most by pretending to be present.
Like a highschooler in class, barely putting in enough effort to graduate.  
I was just a passing lesson in your life,
Although I wish I was more.
From me you learned how to love properly,
Your next will be blessed.  
You learned patience, because thats all I was able to be with you.  
You learned selflessness, I gave all I had to you (my mistake)
You learned loyalty, yet you never were to me.  
You learned consequence, of losing what you loved all along, but not being capable of keeping.  

You have yet to learn to live without me,
Seeing me with someone new.  
You dont know what its like to miss me, because your stubborn nature will tell you its weakness.  
You have yet to apologize, because you hurt me deeper than youve said sorry for.  

And although these words will never reach your beautiful tiger eyes, I will always love you.  
You stupid idiot.

— The End —