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The sun is setting
It's getting cold, dear
Take my hand,
I'll lead the way
Out of this place
To the sea
Or the Land
To the end
We'll drive all the way
Until we can't see
The shades of our town
Chasing us any longer
A poem every day

If my life had a theme song it would be "Romance" by MCR
Carolyn J Apr 2014
Now is not a time for frivolous, trivial journals
About days and hours and minutes
And the events they have touched,
The things boiling, lively
Within them.

This is not a journal for things,
Short-lived sighs of our material world;
The rushing, rushing by of life,
But without the nostalgia of a train
Ride separating lovers
Two toiling tracks at a time–
Bolt– Track

Or, even the allure of a subway car,
Gliding through its veins beneath
Tarred skin, glass hair and satellite eyes.

The train disappears,
Growling itself to sleep in its tunnels,
Leaving the body on the tracks,
Few feet shy of the
Commandment line screaming, begging

Yes, you’ve got it now,
The experience, the things must be made,
Forged by the broken and bruised hands
Of the ****** and the lost into thoughts
So that the body swept away and coddled in the man-made night
May learn,

Even if infinity has passed,
It cannot be too late or the saints would be out of a job and
The earth drained
Of all redemption.

— The End —