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mere Jan 21
As the skies go filled with darkness;
You are always stucked on my mind.
Thinking of a love that is ruthless,
Yet, a love that is surely one of a kind.

Can you help me, Zeus?,
The strongest God from above.
Because I don't wanna lose,
In a battle called "love".

Can you help me, Cupid?
This may sound ******,
But I just want to hold your hand
Until the blazing time when you're gone.

Can you help me, Eta Carinae?
I just want to witness your rays;
Or to have just one dance,
Or maybe just to meet you even once.

Those dazzling eyes of yours,
My strength and energy source.
You make my heart skip a beat,
And my night complete.

I haven't met you,
I never did and I will never got the chance.
Because you always leave without any clue,
On how am I supposed to take some glance.

All I want is to see your smile,
To hear your laugh,
And to witness how you shine.

But I can't.

Midnight time setting us apart,
Time that keeps on breaking my heart.
Why can't you just be mine?
And just let our hearts intertwine.

I keep on wishing that I will meet you,
Or even just reach you.

Million of diameters between us,
Keeping you and me as anonymous.
Thoughts that maybe you're not the one,
But please stay beside me, Mr. Sun.

— The End —