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mere Jan 21
As the doors opened,
a beautiful bride I found.
With a pure white gown,
matched with a pastel,
well-arranged flowers, and
a colored hair, chesnut brown.

It was her. The woman I love.
The woman who made me feel
good, and told me that I'm the best.

She is now walking down
the aisle, slowly taking steps
with her father in a celebration
that everyone had gathered.
You can see in her shining
blue eyes the pure love and
happiness she felt.

She made it. She is now in my
front, wearing the best smile
she could ever give.

And there, the moment that
I've been waiting for, the
moment that everyone is
excited for.

I thought I can say,
"I do, Father"
But I was wrong;
Because the right thing
that I should say is,
"You may now kiss the bride".

— The End —