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 Aug 2016 dye
 Aug 2016 dye
The moon does more than pull the tide,
it pulls on insides too.
It twists intestines into knots while causing monsoons on the other side of the world;
a swirling pool in the stomach of a girl.
Does it fall on us or do we fall into it?
 Aug 2016 dye
 Aug 2016 dye
Head over heart into some distant fading darkness,
being pulled back into an almost familiar abyss.
You lost me at the outset,
but now I'm finding myself in this.

Your intent is to drown me, I know it.
I've told you far too much.
Placed every key inside your outstretched hands,
and now you're breaking all the locks.

Did I mean to let you in?
Is it too late to bar admission?
Is it even possible to get you out now that you've gotten in without permission?

You're not welcome in this place:
Intruder. Alien. Imposition.
But I'm so glad you're here right now;
please save me from this prison.
 Jun 2016 dye
rained-on parade
Our lips make music
softer than the rustle of leaves.

It's almost autumn,
and I'm still waiting
for when you actually
tune me.
He didn't kiss me.
We didn't make any music.
Just stared at each other in silence.
 Jun 2016 dye
rained-on parade
 Jun 2016 dye
rained-on parade
He was the one person
who held storms in his fingertips,
and still touched you with the softness
of rain in springtime.
But you only felt thunder.
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