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 May 2016 dye
rained-on parade
Who needs a noose
when the wait will **** you anyway.
I feel like a ball that is being thrown around.
 Jan 2016 dye
Gavin Barnard
Pain is a lot like water.

*Once you're wet, its hard to get dry
Unless there's a sun in the sky.
Somebody else probably wrote something like this but oh well, I never knew about it, which means its creative, but maybe not original.
 Dec 2015 dye
Long Story Short
 Dec 2015 dye
An emotional exhibitionist runs into an emotional manipulator; sparks fly.
10 words
 Nov 2015 dye
 Nov 2015 dye
This is the torch that burned your parents.
"Hand it here," said the children.
It's our turn.
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