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G Jan 2021
please walk upon my gravestone
please **** me in your dreams
as i still stand here breathing
it means less than dirt to me
G Jan 2021
when it's a pin *****
on my soft skin a zit pops
i play my mind trick
and i stop
to think of the pain i choose
how i want to bruise
and bedazzle my back
in thumbtacks
running razor blades
making crimson masks
G Mar 2019
Often in my daydreams, old friends come to mind
I pray under my breath, that life might treat you kind

I can't, I won't, I don't, write, speak, or call
Whatever that reason may be, my love is with you all

What a pleasure it will be, to see you again one day
And should you ever cross my path, I have a couch where you can stay.
Just some easy practice. I really do think of my friends a lot, and I really hope everyone is doing well.
G Aug 2016
I­ had a sweet tooth
One too many cavities
Couldn't even taste it
Caught up in the fallacy
Pocket watch rewound
Pressed upon her hip
But with her hand embraced
She already let time slip
Gone are outside illuminations
Save for lonely constellations
Save our souls from machinations
and words for loving incantations
Living inside the shadow of dark
Awakened irritated, muted emotions stark
With serene dreams of waking
To the melody of a meadowlark.
G Jul 2016
I'm a passenger here..
When was it last
Morning dew soaked my shoes
When we'd watch red skies rise
On a rocking ocean float
After nights watching stars
In our time without cars.

Now I'm a passenger here,
So I've long since feared
Something new has a hold of me
What am I supposed to be?
What replaces those nights
Of laying upon lawns
Where the only thing wrong
Was sharing headphones
And she picked a bad song.
G Mar 2016
I remember when my pillow had a shirt.

Laying in bed every night it was gripped tight
And there were wrinkles not creases
And the silence was so ceaseless
Laying in deadest night made memories my light

The shirt, sized small and plaid.

Now the cold morn feels so warm.
And I know no more old guilt
And it's a lilting life I've built
Distorted social norms
Former perceptions deformed.

**A box in a closet, now folds, unworn.
G Dec 2015
Do I make you wince?
Was I a lost fawns salt lick?
Was I a never was, your life's whiskey limp?
I guess I never took your hint
I guess you thought I could take the hit
Since that's been that conversations been zip
I can't say I was always innocent
But let's hope its a two way lapse of conscience
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