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allissa robbins Jul 2016
it all kind of
blurs together,
the mishaps
and "what if"s.

the well-wishes
of old friends
etched carelessly
with bleeding ink.

looking through
yearbooks, trapped
behind cartilage cages.

when you think
about it all too
hard, your lungs
do a flip-flop.

but when you don't
think about it at all,
your skull feels bare.

allissa robbins Jul 2016
the clock doesn't move
on these sort of nights
when the yearning
to be in your arms
is the strongest

my arms are buried
in the lime green sleeves
of the shirt that smells
of your skin

my skin turns the purple-yellow
of your affections

my affections for you
are bottomless

bottomless thoughts of you
allissa robbins Jul 2016
i. benevolent
humanity is made.
humanity is made to protect.
to learn
to experience
humanity is calm.
humanity is experience.

ii. reprobate
greed is made.
greed and rage become playable.
sour as lemons.
humanity is greed.

iii. hollow
where is our god?
suffocated by his own creation.
the earth is sad
our god is bitter and lonely.
gravel, garbage
replacing ivy.
humanity is god.

iv. metamorphose
we will leave.
the earth will be here long after.
our god will cry
we will move on.
our bodies will grow new.
we will become the god
the earth.
humanity is change.

v. divinity
our holy tears will litter the ground.
we degrade our home.
make it small
in turn making ourselves small.
only getting what we give.
walking without kindness.
or charity.
humanity is experience.
allissa robbins Sep 2014
Between the lines of conversation, you have the words. The fragments of thoughts that seep through letter after letter combination. Emotion and experience placed in the minute spaces within the letters. Each phrase is a cracked door. Opened ever so slightly, but enough to catch a glimpse of its contents. Between the lines of conversation, you have your Leo Tolstoys and your Virginia Woolfs. You have an idea of the artistry of living. You have the ability to keep breathing. Between the lines of conversation, you have the hesitations and the “Wait a minute”s. You have the slow, heavy “I love you”s. You have “I miss you”s and “Don’t forget about me”s. Between the lines of conversation, though, you also get your “*******”s and your “Leave me be”s. You have relentless chasing and lonely nights. Your messy break-ups and flaccid first loves. When you have a conversation, it is more than thin letter arrangement. It is response and meaning and power. Between the lines of conversation, you have the words. The fragments of thoughts that seep through letter after letter combination. You have life.
allissa robbins Aug 2014
My skin crawls,
I can't help but write.
To you and her and my mother.
“I loved you"
I can't help but write

I can't help but paint
"I loved you"
Onto my head and heart.
I can't help but paint

I can't help but sigh.
Onto my head and heart,
I dispel the warm wickedness

I say "I fell in love with you"
To you and her and my mother.
I fall in love with other humans:
My skin crawls.

*16 April
allissa robbins Aug 2014
Freeness, lightness, something extraordinary
Unsure, wobbly footsteps across pavement
Pressure pushing you on

Stopping on the edge
of the field of knowing what's
going to happen next
Defying sense

Thrusting firmly into nature
Against the human machine
Nurturing the idea
Of pushing your spiritual limits

Catching yourself right before
You fall off the sidewalk

But with a greater sensation
The dark provokes not fright
But evaluated wonder

Fooling the gravity
Of yourself
And where your steps land,
You walk with your eyes closed

*16 April
allissa robbins Aug 2014
Chills run down your spine  
Caress with a caress, tender
Breaking a physical valve, meander
Touch to touch, unkeeping of the line
Unplanned, a mystery thick as pine
Feeling, shaking like thunder
Nothing short of splendor
Heart breaking without time

Pulling away from rush
Far from appeasement
No longer engrossed, no longer heated lush
Cold like the words he meant
Stinging like fireside brush
Kisses from fervent

*14 April
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