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  Apr 2016 Sia Jane
Francie Lynch
When I hover
Over your heavenly body,
I'm ******* the constellations
In braille.
  Apr 2016 Sia Jane
We're still staring each other in the eyes, it's nearing 6 am.
We're still in that dingy hospital room, us and 5 of our friends.
You're still a mess, and broken down.
I still wish it was from being loved.
I wish like you wish, that my love could make you real.

Where did the time go?
I nearly begged my father for more.
So, I gave you all of me.
The serious sides,
But it wasn't enough to settle scores.

It wasn't hard to give away, it was just more that you was searching.
I remembered your smile at me your eyes had made it worth it.
The baby smiled at our world with warmth and so much love.
Held your heart in his hands, promising no matter what, it will be safe in his touch.

Tonight you're alone.
We're all split up, for some reason.
You're back in your room having visions of the park we used to visit.
Where our love was literally made tangible by etchings inside of wood.
Our barks now crumble,
As things no longer seem so good.
"The gradual corrosion of what once was,
And what will never be, again."

Response to a poem I read and grown quickly in love with titled , "Wednesday's child" by Sia Jane
  Mar 2016 Sia Jane
The moon has become a dancer
at this festival of love.
This dance of light,

This sacred blessing,
This divine love,
beckons us
to a world beyond
only lovers can see
with their eyes of fiery passion.

They are the chosen ones
who have surrendered.
Once they were particles of light
now they are the radiant sun.

They have left behind
the world of deceitful games.
They are the privileged lovers
who create a new world
with their eyes of fiery passion.
Sia Jane Mar 2016
For hours, I tried to sleep.
The rain drums down on the tin roof;
the demons are knocking.
I see their tears stream down the window;
a cleverly designed artifice to distract
from their true intent.
I ignore their subtle attacks, but they always
find a way back in.
I watch their shadows drift in through
the windows;
morphing from one shape into another,
hovering around me,
their whispered breaths cloud the air –
there is barely a space unfilled by their presence.
I can’t seem to chase them away, and I’m
wrapped up into their world.
Empty, cold and alone,
my reality remains stranger than any dream.

© Sia Jane
  Mar 2016 Sia Jane
Easy flow the waters
of the river passing by,

though we straighten them with walls
and narrow them in time,

and lace them up with bridges
to bind them where they lay,

still the waters, like a lifetime,
slip their bonds and pass away..
  Mar 2016 Sia Jane
Grant me forgiveness.
For my mouth had acted prematurely
and erred.
Acrid words my tongue can't retract.
My lips quiver,
pursed and scared.

Grant me relief.
For my ego had lunged.
Fueled emotions that strayed.
Sensible thoughts in mind
that my heart had betrayed.

Grant me strength and courage.
Let the next morn's sun,
illuminate the dark obstinacy of my heart.
Allow this bitter turbidity to pass.
So I could walk the hard road,
to a brand new start.
Sometimes words carry more venom than fangs.
And often, the path to absolution lies first, in forgiving oneself.
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