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 Nov 2020 maria
s s chanel
it's been 3 months
but I'm stagnant and stuck
somewhere between
crafting texts I can't dare myself to send so you'll never read
finding peace in knowing that everyday you choose
absence, silence, and avoidance

when I let you go, I stopped calculating the chances
you'd retrace the footsteps you left when walking away from me.
and healing is time.
you even told me "it just takes time".
we both lost a friend, that maybe we should've found by now
but it's been 3 months
and I'm nothing more than somewhere between
the words on my lips reading "I miss you"
and the tip of my tongue saying "I wish I never knew you"
 Aug 2020 maria
Anais Vionet
(3 Senryus)

No - don’t kiss me
unless you're planning to
start a new habit.

Don't borrow kisses
unless you can return them
with real interest.

Remember boy-O
it's all fun and games 'til
someone falls in love.
three haikus - about kisses borrowed - not stolen  =]

the supply of words is not inexhaustible

neither are the combinations thereof;

what is inextricably true, of these two linkages

that is not exhaustive, is my endless delight,

in finding the ones that I’ve yet to contemplate

till you brought them waving to my eyes,

so as far as I’m concerned, you originate

delight daily, and that is the spark you create

making every day, the eighth day of creation of the world.

Sat Aug 22
 Aug 2020 maria
soul mate
 Aug 2020 maria
if my soul is not meant to intertwine with yours
i am scared to feel more deeply with somebody else
 Jul 2020 maria
Ellie Sutton
As the crescent moon
Awaits fulfilment again
We, too, wax and wane
 Jun 2020 maria
Monet Echo
What if every little thought
That lives inside your head
Instead of hiding away in there
Was spoken out, was said?

Would you be embarrassed?
Would you hate your mouth?
Would you rather be mute
Than let the truth come out?

What if every little thing
That people thought of you
Instead of being tucked away
Was heard, was listened to?

Would you be ashamed?
Would you cover your ears?
Would you rather be deaf
Than let the truth come near?

And what if every image
That passes through your thoughts
Was freed from its prison
To roam until it rots?

Would you be disgusted?
Would you look away?
Would you rather be blind
Than see your thoughts at play?
there was a time
when i was enough for myself . . .
and i do not remember the exact moment
when i decided that i was no longer good.
 Jun 2020 maria
 Jun 2020 maria
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