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Cara Grace
United Kingdom    "Don't cover my eyes for my fears are trapped beneath my eyelids.. And for each fallen eyelash is a wish for greater freedom." © Sia ...
Berkeley, California    DAH’s ninth poetry collection is SPHERICAL (Argotist Press, 2019) Visit:
Alexis Jas
Colorado    16 years old | Colorado | piano | reading | writing |Buddhism | Cuban | hippie
Carmen Noir
England, UK    The sun touches you in ways that I cannot and I have never been more jealous of anything than I am that goddamn fucking sun.
"When you can't live each day as a work of art, live them in preparation of The Art." Thanks for reading... All rights reserved February ...
Shashank Virkud
Tallahassee, FL    dinosauraus-rex is best animal.
Illinois    Meb is an American writer who writes poetry in English and uses base words in Latin in some of her poems. As well as being ...
Raj Arumugam
Australia    ..been thinking in the language of poetry and scribbling verse from as early as I can recall of my days...FLASHBACK: born naked in India in ...
Grab a gun step inside
United States    INFJ Male Gemini
M Rose
21/F    for my other writings (still dramatic, but not so desperate):
Nothing if not yours.
Portland Grace
23/F    I feel things a lot
Lauren Christina Pearson
Saint Charles, MO    I believe that writing is what grounds me in this world. Without it I would become untethered. It's how I understand my situation and how ...
Kirti Pabrekar - Patil
Mumbai Environmental Architect by profession... I write as my expression. This is my tryst... With growing beyond emotion! (All the poems here are my original ...
Heather Lapp
23/F/New Jersey   
Roberta Day
30/F/Austin, Tx    I write my feelings because I'm unsure of everything else.
I'm Amiria. I'm probably the most boring person you've never met.
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