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Pain stays permanent,
Permeating through time;
The pinch of loss,
Can never be sufficed.

Pain surges periodically,
Often high in tide,
Crashing on shores of sympathy;
Bund that gap,
With all your might,
These sensations erode,
Cutting in the shape of your soul;
Gorging away your sane.

Pain pangs often,
Reminding of the times gone,
But in that memory,
Find inspiration to go on!

Pain pacifies loss,
Whence you derive,
Your reasons to smile,
In memories so close...
Dormant relationships bloom,
An evergreen garden!
Loosing the person you love, the one who matters you the most or a family member is painful. The road to recovery from such a tragedy needs tremendous courage. As we trudge along this trying phase, often we are subjected to sympathy that wanes our courage to face the facts of life.
But to remember our dear one, smile at the golden memories, recall all the sweet bygones and promises made then can serve as an inspiration towards a better and less painful tomorrow.
May be we should try this approach of healing rather than crying...after all pain and the absence of the person we love is permanent...
Fly high,
Know your dreams have wings,
Be an albatross...
Clearing above the blue seas,
Until the curve of the horizon,
Can be bent and seen!

Fly high,
You know you can steer,
Tame the winds...
And break the waves;
Even storms can clear,
Giving way to brighter days;
A new season blooms,
Fear not, nay!

Fly high,
And break off from the hibernation,
See yourself with a redefinition;
Even a single prism,
Gives birth to a spectrum!
My mind flutters,
A dainty butterfly...
Disquiet even over a nectarine pie,
Oft times the color allures;
A serrated edge attracts,
The stamen invite;
A pollinic conversation...
Little resting respite!

My mind flutters,
A distracted butterfly...
Does she not know;
She shall starve...
Concentration deprived,
Unable to trace the scent of the elixir;
That shall hold her high!?
Of late I am finding it very difficult to concentrate / focus on any task that I am entitled to do. I am trying very hard to press my mind to focus, but have not been successful as yet.
Lack of concentration is frustrating and threatening at the same time.
My soul sees and seers,
What I seldom do not want to hear;
She feels more than I ever do,
Of all those moments,
Which I wish were untrue!

And even then she stands strong,
Without a tear,
For she knows;
Wet eyes and weak sighs,
Only makes paths -
Slippery and treacherous!

My soul strengthens the physical me;
In every prayer she weaves,
A new thread of belief,
A wrap for a lifetime;
Soon shall be stitched...
Keeping us and our faith warm,
Even beyond eternity!
Eyes stare...
Into nothingness,
The jigsaw of to be’s,
Arranges and rearranges;
Into an appeal of mirage...
Swelling the oasis of life!

And when the glare pierces,
Eyes blink;
The jigsaw settles,
Synchronized with reality;
Strengthening my mind...
To derive the quirky balance -
Between the could be’s ;
And the one that is!
... as I stare into the blank oblivion.. I am challenged as I balance my thoughts, desires, fantasies, actualities, challenges and pack them into the real picture... The real picture is certainly way different than these volatile thoughts...
Find yourself
Even in the clutter of chores
In the whistle of pressure cooker
In the clash of dishes and utensils

Search yourself
In the aroma of spices
In the color of vegetables
In the routines along the kitchen platform
In the rich gravies and the brew of juices!

Look out for yourself
In the clean mirrors
Along that fine line of kohl
In the strokes of the mascara
Over the gloss of lip shades
In that dot of bindi

Hold on to yourself
In the newness
With time, space and people
Evolve...not change!
Molt...not skin off!
Wear a new color over the not!

Even in the dark
Can you not see thy radiant self
Glowing appraised from within!
You be your master
Look for traces of yourself
In your eye's mirror! wedding, there can be so much flux in your living, that it feels a gaint wheel of events.. But all of it is indeed beautiful and in the minute details of daily life, you often have a chance of getting connected to yourself. The sooner you can command on this, the better control you can have of your living!
Of late, I am into such a transforming mode....
Enjoying the newness of life and also the path of finding my own different self!!
O’ woman….
Such an enchantress be you;
In your smiles,
You live warm!
You live charmed…
You enliven the aura of the Heaven!

O’ woman…
In your hands,
You hold the scepter; you rule!
You make and feed
You care your fawn,
You tend pain
And you pleasure thy lord!

O’ woman…
Your eyes, as mischief sparkles;
So does many dreams; Glitter!
Wake up…
Make them all true!
Go reach out the stars…
Give them some of your twinkle!

O’ woman…
In your being,
You paint a galaxy
Alive as if it were Lord’s scheme alone!

O’ woman
Heed yourself
Shed not those tears…
They be a waste
Don’t stain your pretty face…
Walk, trudge and explore
That pace of life..
In your mere presence;
You make
Everyone’s living possible!

O’ woman,
You be the gem…
Shining bright and true!
Preach your worth;
Priceless in measure!
This is dedicated to my office colleague... who is battling difficulties in her personal life.. May she find her peace soon! :)
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