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mEb Aug 2014
Where is the art without sorrow and pain?
They said the power of the mind is everything
That if you stay starry eyed and young
it eventually dims within age
Within aging, I found treasures so deep I dove trenches
Discovering creature after creature scowlling and poisened
Maybe one out of billions could spare the anti-venom
Or now just one out of billions is most lethal and handsome
mEb Apr 2014

All­ these threes making me queasy
March third nineteen ninety three
the day I came to be
and what did I see?
A flood from Mississippi
oh yeah and I'm a Pisces
oh but my name is Merril B
and the meaning of Merril is shining sea
and the spelling of Merril is three plus three
and I have three sisters
of Hailey
of Kayla
of Ashleigh
where ought they be?
One is pregnant with her first baby
Another dropped out she's on a spree
Youngest is brightest and smart is she
but what about me?
writing some **** about the number three
mEb Apr 2014


Onward racing spying and yielding those hiding
further out renting some yellow tent hardly
fire obstructs really soon you thought hard
failing oil rig staining the yard
Then he fought on

For seethe
mEb Jan 2014

Greetings gravel path
I'm hearing your clamors and murmurs
How is your erosion on this side of town?
Thank you for letting me help break you down
mEb Jun 2013

hover her hover her your love hovered in spurs
conquer, always beaten  into soiled soot
my feet are whisking the desert floor
my hands are a gelding this cactus' thorns  
lace, rosemary, time and vines
cover him cover him my thin frame covered the cures

the Urals moaned to their Himalayan friends
through wind they spite each others mighty forms
but still they're friends, both Mountains, chained the same
Ergo spell; tell me have the Tibetan chants gained their grow?

I'll never know him or she as long as they move East
I am rot in June as deliberate as a sun on sand by noon

I dried the flask
peeled a mask
burnt the rain
sent the pain

How daring of you to respond as a washed up un-sterile pond
mEb Jun 2013
In a run-down business crevice way
Fallin' crumbled brick crumbs and scattered fate
I state, that I'm an iris spying crawlers
whom inspire to be ballers
I'm a staler, indecisively inviting
you can read me as the rarest
innocent as a terrorist
Compare it, find me waning in the red room
and waxing like a night moon
I hate the ones who spare me
and **** the ones who dare me
See it as you wish,
I won't pray and I can't stay
and if you've found me at the platform
take shelter, here comes the storm
mEb Nov 2012

It is a deep sense I feel on the constant
Like breath that anew on foreign continents
Also a crave that I've known for some time
never to lie towards self but lately, rather, subside
The sketch of the shanty is brewing about
Things I thrive most, will fall among fall
It is night and more which thrive this existence,
pestilence, precision, and distance
Noted those traits I felt most accomplished
Never lose self notice, grow like a lotus,
boil in foil, and grind gears of purpose
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