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Mar 2015
It is that one evening of the week
Time to draw the water from the well
For your village grows physically weak
Waiting for death to ring their bell

You drop the bucket into the abyss
To bring another week of crystal life
So no soul you will have to miss
In this ****** world of strife

As the line rises to its apex
Not a pinch of liquid
Not even a speck
Just an empty casing of wood

But in these moments of hard times
You remember the souls and hearts
That came together with joined hands
That dug this well and nailed in the parts

Today may not be the day
But together you shall stand strong as one
Again like before you'll join hands to pray
In hope that tommorow water shall come

Even if this breath may be the last
With your soul you'll inhale each memory
Remembering all the souls of your past
And become one with them for eternity
Shannon Jeffery
Written by
Shannon Jeffery  Australia
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