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  Mar 2016 Shannon Jeffery
I held you softly
as you slept
I held you gently
as you wept
I held you tightly
as you screamed
I stroked your hair
as you dreamed
I wiped the tears
that would not dry
I cried the tears
you would not cry
I took the demons
in your head
and made them
Mine instead
I need to be
by your side
don’t turn me away
I am not your Pride
I am not your Pity
I am not your Sorrow
I am here Today
I am your Tomorrow
This is one of my oldest and most beloved writes. I never considered adding it to any collections until today. Considering this will be my one true legacy I leave behind, it is as relevant to me today as the day it was written. Enjoy :)
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2016
If i gave you my eyes
Would you show me the way
Or would you leave me blind
And tuck them away

If i gave you my lips
Would you softly caress
Or stitch them together
Like that of your dress

If i gave you my hand
Would we soar atop clouds
Or would you let go
Buried deep below ground

If I gave you my heart
And gave you my soul
Would you hold me close
Or shatter me whole
  Mar 2016 Shannon Jeffery
Mike Hauser
As I read your poetry
I wonder if it's true
Do the demons that help in rhyme
Really have a hold of you

And is the one you say you love
Not returning you the favor
In the poems that you pen
Is this all your life's behavior

Does your father really raise his fist
While your mother screams
As alcohol flows freely in your life
Or is it just poetry

Are you on the verge of suicide
And do you truly cut yourself
Do you feel that worthless in your life
Is what you write a cry for help

As I read your poetry
It often sets me off to wonder
Do you write about yourself
Or do you write about another
I know poetry is a therapy for many of you and just want you to know it breaks my heart at what some of you go through...
As always you are in my prayers...
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2016
It's that time again
A war being waged
Between heart and mind
Upon the broken stage

Shattered reflections
Know how to dine
If only fate
Hadn't been signed

Then maybe
Just maybe
You could
Have been mine
  Aug 2015 Shannon Jeffery
Mike Hauser
I'm not sure that you can see

Or even know just what I mean

There is this poem that has no words

That still is begging to be heard

In the deafening silence it reaches out

In the still of darkness to be found

A path through the mind makes its way

A path that no words have ever laid

A poem that found out long ago

That words only slow down the flow

There is no way of reading it

As in the mind is where it lives
Shannon Jeffery Aug 2015
If love is not but a dream
Than I am just an essence
To occupy unneeded space
Never to feel the warmth
Of my soul embraced

In the vision of love
My very being shudders
An orchestral muse
Intervened by an abruptly
Dissonant key
Shannon Jeffery Jul 2015
Why am I told I'll be the perfect guy
For that special girl
Yet I find myself
Here all alone

Why does my heart
Fall faster than the speed of light
Yet I'm too blind
To notice when the time is right

Why does the me inside
Enjoy such rollercoaster rides
Yet me on the outside
Just wants to break down and cry

Why is it I'm speechless
When I see your eyes
Yet my mind
Just speeds on by

Why am I so weak
My heart crumbles, it just breaks away
Yet I stand rock solid
Smiling on through everyday
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