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Jan 2015 · 1.6k
I was stirred awake by a sound so familiar
A cry barely audible through closed doors
Gently I removed her head from its home
Nestled close upon my chest
As not to disturb an angel from her slumber,
The rest a mother so dearly deserves
I rose to my feet, a guardian to those I love
Feeling as I always have before, a need to protect them
With subtle steps I crept over to the room adjacent
Expecting to find only a child, teary eyed and alone
The cries were louder now, but the bed empty
A fear rose over me, for the boy’s only two
Franticly I searched through the closet and clutter
My heart beat quickly against my chest
I lifted the mattress, greeted at last by bright blue eyes
My hands wrapped around tiny wrists
Pulled him free from his hiding
Picked him up with relief like none I’d felt before
Held him tight in my tattooed arms
And he rested his head upon my shoulder
But the tears still they streamed
I could feel their cold trails
As they rolled down my bare back
I rocked him the way she had so many times before
Promised him everything would be alright
He clung fast to me, I could sense he’d found safety
And soon the tears ceased to flow
While his mother was sleeping I was proud of myself
Taking care of my family, everything just felt so right
As I basked in the moment and whispered to him
Suddenly, slowly, he lifted up his little head
Turned toward the door and then he said, “Mommy”
And surely enough through the crack she was there
Watching her man with her boy in his care
I could see in her eyes that she’d found all she’s wanted
In those few short minutes, in that little room
She had seen all the wonder that I had felt
If reality is far better than you can imagine
There’s no need for sleep when real dreams can happen
Mar 2014 · 4.6k
My Greatest Fear
The night terrors have gotten worse now
And it’s been so long since I last slept
The thought of rest is starting to sound surreal

Yet every time my lids grow heavy
This nightmare becomes reality
My greatest fear becomes my fate

In dream after dream I am forced
To see myself die, each night in a new way
Over and over I witness the end of my life

This does not scare me for I fear not the reaper
But another detail never changes
It is what I see as I draw in my final breath

This mirage of my mind stands at my side
Though she’s always just out of reach
Her eyes telling the tale of heart break

This nameless woman bears my child
For my greatest fear is not my death
It’s leaving behind the family that I never met
Feb 2014 · 5.6k
The Countdown
Just ten minutes after I'd revved the engine
I was only nine miles away from the love of my life
Day dreaming of when we’d met just eight short months ago
Soaring at seventy down that country road
Only six more miles until she’d be in my arms again
Five years ago thoughts of love would have seemed so far out of sight
Yet four times I've already proposed, “too soon,” she’d always say
Amazing how in three seconds your entire life can change
With just two tires there’s little room for error
When one blew out I hit the asphalt, hard
In a wreck like that there’s zero chance I’d survive
One hour later the ambulance arrived at last
EMTs pressed two paddles against my chest
Shocks were delivered three times
At the hospital doctors performed four operations
Five months I spent in a coma
Followed by six months of physical therapy relearning to walk
In time all seventeen broken bones had set and healed
It cost me eight grand to buy a new bike
Now nine years later I’m still riding, fearless, wife on the back
The tenth time I asked, she finally said yes
Feb 2014 · 2.2k
The Apology (Pt. #2)
In the broken kitchen chair he sits
Weeping the tears of a killer
Face buried into the palms of his grisly hands
He sobs uncontrollably for he knows what these hands have done
He cries as a child might having seen his parents murdered
Gasping and struggling to draw in a full breath
Snot running from his nose, curling over the stubble of his upper lip
With a clenched fist he wipes this away
Rage building in his veins, hatred, and remorse
His face grows red as he shakes uncontrollably with anger
Unsure of what to do with himself he rises quickly to his feet
His chair crashing back to the floor behind him
He paces the kitchen back and forth
Feet padding monotonously over checkered linoleum
Suddenly, abruptly, he stops, his gaze drifting to the counter top
As he catches sight of the skinless corpse he screams
A blood curdling scream that chills to the bone
Unable to bare the sight of his disembodied victim any longer
He barrels out of the kitchen
Crashing through doors, splinters of wood marking his trail
In the bathroom he now stands
Sulking in shame before a ***** mirror, staring down at his bare feet
Slowly, he raises his head, eyes squeezed shut
Fearing to find what he might see when he opens them
He pauses here for several moments, collecting his thoughts
Breathing deeply, hoarsely, sporadically huffing
Mustering all of his courage, he makes this final leap, opening his eyes
In the mirror before him he sees all too clearly himself
Wearing a skin that is not his own
Face, hands, feet, all that are exposed
His own pale skin standing out in bold contradiction
To the beautifully bronzed hollow man that he wears
His pale and bony knuckles crash repeatedly into the face of the mirror
Over and over again the thud and the crunch
Broken skin and shattered glass
Blood now smeared across what little reflective surface remains
At last he can see himself no more
Slumping down into a ball on the floor
He sits alone and rocks
The mere shell of a man remains
With dripping hands he tears away a patch of flesh from his thigh
Groping the floor blindly his hand closes over a shard of glass
He is now far too numb to feel pain, dead inside
Gripping tightly to the broken glass this broken man begins to write
Carving his apology into his thigh
Part #2; see "Permanent Press" for Part #1.
Feb 2014 · 2.1k
Permanent Press (Pt. #1)
In the broken kitchen chair he sits
Running his filet knife across the grindstone
The blade mustn't be dull for what he’s about to do
Across the kitchen hangs his days catch
Dangling from one large meat hook
Dripping, warm, fresh, and glassy eyed
Running the blade across his thumb
A future scar in his one of a kind prints
With bulging biceps his prey is lifted from its loft
Tossed carelessly onto the granite counter top
A dangling arm falls into the kitchen sink
The subtle sound of a ring is heard
As it hits the stainless steel basin
This jewelry is soon removed and set aside
With a felt tipped pen he outlines his procedure
Like a world class surgeon preparing to operate
He makes each incision with great care
A soft touch and a steady hand
Experience shows this isn't his first rodeo
Every cut running long and shallow
He grins like a child as warm blood flows over his digits
Setting down the tools of his trade
He takes a moment to admire his handiwork
The body before him lies ravaged
Professionally massacred, filleted is his trophy ****
Having fully enjoyed this beautiful sight
He reaches down gripping tightly onto two ***** of skin
By either side of the shoulders his fingers burrow under flesh
He begins to peel away
Within minutes the body is bare
On the counter lies nothing but muscle and bones
Tendons, sinew, organs that will never again function
Like a cadaver to be donated for medical research
He holds the hollow man up to the light for a better look
A perfect skin suit, warm, tanned, tinged in red
Cuddling it as a toddler might carry his blankey for comfort
He walks to the room adjacent the kitchen
At the tug of a blood soaked hand
The washing machines door swings open
Gingerly he sets the skin inside
Adding just a dash of fabric softener for good measure
He shuts the door and starts the cycle
Back to the kitchen he drudges
Washing the blood from his hands, his arms
Cleaning his knife, polishing the blade until it gleams in the light
Leaving the corpse where it lies he sits patiently and waits
As the wash is finished he removes the suit from the machine
Now clean, dripping, wet, marker gone
He places it in the dryer
Turning the **** to low heat, careful not to shrink his new outfit
He sets the dial to permanent press and pushes start
Part #1; see "The Apology" for Part #2.
Nov 2012 · 2.1k
Under My Skin
Under my skin,
Your words are digging in.
Ripping, tearing,
Pulling my flesh away.
Peeling back the skin
And settling in.
To a host of which
They are unwelcome.

Under my skin,
Your words are digging in.
Lying, defying,
Numbing the realities.
Peeling back the skin
And settling in.
Whispering nothings to which
There are no meanings.

Under my skin,
Your words are digging in.
Confusing, undoing,
Ignoring all truths.
Peeling back the skin
And settling in.
Crafting lies which
Are filled with sin.

Under my skin,
Your words are digging in.
Mending, fixing,
Stitching the wounds.
Peeling back the skin
And settling in.
Making a home in which
They shouldn't be existing.

Under my skin,
Your words are digging in.
Peeling back the skin
And settling in.
Nov 2012 · 1.6k
In Death
Say nothing but good of the dead
As they were once your friends,
Or enemies, it doesn't matter.
In death lies no dishonor.

Say nothing but good of the dead
As they were once fellow workers,
Or leaders, it doesn't matter.
In death lies no classes.

Say nothing but good of the dead
As they were once our slaves,
Or masters, it doesn't matter.
In death lies no races.

Say nothing but good of the dead
Because they were once living people,
People like you and me.
In death they are beloved.

De Mortuis Nil Nisi Bonum
De Mortuis Nil Nisi Bonum (Latin for "Say nothing but good of the dead.")
Nov 2012 · 1.3k
X-Ray Vision
I see straight through you
You're just flesh and bones
But even x-ray vision
Can't show through the lies that you've told

The veils that you've woven
Your truths lie in shadows
The code of honor
That your words have shattered

I see straight through you
And into the light
But each lie you tell
Takes you further from right

I have x-ray vision
But the truth of it is
It's your lies that blind me
But i know the truth lives
Nov 2012 · 1.0k
The Stolen Heart
I used to be a thief
Stealing through the woods
The stars were all that saw me
Your chair ever rocking
From where I used to sit
Where I will never sit again
Memories of the old hammock
A place I will also never see again
Now the moon shines streaks of silver
Reminding me of you
Your head, your eyes, your lips, your nose
I see them all reflected
As clearly as could be
In this wild forest
There is only me and you
The sky, deep red
Fog makes it hard to see
It’s not your heart I stole, I realize
As I see it’s you I hold
Nov 2012 · 2.5k
Santa Smokes
A grey Christmas,
Ash falls from the sky.
Children don't play,
And holiday tunes
Are no where
To be heard.
A sad day
In a soot filled town,
Fires still dance,
But no chestnuts
Are roasted.
Under the mistletoe
No one is kissing,
But there's still
The faint sense
Of cheer that's missing
The families are thankful,
But not for their gifts,
More for the men
Who doused the fires lips,
A holiday blaze
That burned down the town,
If only old Santa
Had put the pipe down
My life is made up of seconds
And they're ticking away.
At this very moment
I grow older
And memories are lost.

As noon turns to night,
And night turns to day
Images are blurred.
White noise,
Turning into silence.

Prolonged exposure to life,
The illusion of time takes over.
Summer falls and winter rises,
Identity lost,
Yourself just out of reach.

Arrivals and departures,
Of the shadow children.
The door shuts,
And the pendulum
Slowly stops swinging.

Everything comes and goes,
And everything changes.
On a long enough time line
The survival rate of everyone
Drops to zero.
Nov 2012 · 2.0k
My body rots away
Before my very eyes
Skin falls free from flesh

I reek of decomposition

Carnivorous I have become
I hunger only for meat
Raw and ******

I can not satisfy these cravings

As I walk bones break
Jutting through tattered clothing
I drag them on, unaffected

I am death reincarnate

Hair peels away from scalp
I am far beyond sick
This sickness is not cancer

I am not dying, I am already dead

Retina dangles freely from socket
Yet I still see clearly
I see a future full of those like me

I am the beginning of the end

Teeth rest loose in gums
Sinking deep into purity, humanity
I am the second coming, apocalypse now

I am zombie
I used to love the way
You would stand on the tips
Of your toes to kiss me
I remember the days when
I would leave and you were upset
Because you would miss me
I recall the night of our first kiss
Something I’d been dreaming of
A chance I wouldn’t miss
And I remember thinking
That for me to have found you
Was the fulfillment of my wish
But then in time you changed,
You forgot all about me
I hadn’t done a thing though babe,
I wish that you could see
I wanted nothing more
Then to see you smile
To stay by your side all the while
Time just changed you though,
Made you a different person
A couple should grow closer babe,
But your feelings for me worsened
I just wish that I could understand
The reasons that you did it
You slept with him,
You lied to me,
And all this time you hid it
You cheated babe and hurt me bad
Left me beat, but I’m not broken
I just wish the words you said to him
Were words that you had spoken
To me that is, because I loved you
But you just never cared
I would have been there through anything
But what you’ve done is
Unforgiveable to me
There’s so many reasons I should hate you
But it’s just not in my heart
I cared for you so dearly once
And believed we’d never part
I shouldn’t want to speak to you
But that’s just not my way
I can’t just cut you from my life
What else is there to say
You held a lot of meaning to me
Represented all things true
I thought you were my gift
To make up for the bad in the past
I believed you were the best thing
That’s happened to me but
Now those feelings have passed
The fact that you could do those things
Doesn’t sit with me to well
I hate myself above all else
For just how hard I fell
I thought you were the one for me
And our relationship would mature
There was a time when I believed
That you were the perfect woman
Both beautiful and pure
If only I had known the way
That you would change before
I don’t regret meeting you
But I would of stayed just friends
And never wanted more
The time we shared was fun and all
But sadly it was time wasted
I’m so upset you did this babe,
Just can’t understand why your
Feelings for me so quickly faded
I guess I’ll never understand
And I should let it go
But leaving you is just something,
I wasn’t ready for
I tried to change and be perfect
But that wasn’t enough
I’m trying hard to stay strong babe
But **** you make it tough
The things they say are all so true
Life and love can all be rough
But how you let all of this end
Just really wasn’t fair
Anytime you needed me you knew
I was always there
I’ve always been far too nice,
You know it’s been my curse
And you knew that from the start
I thought you wouldn’t take advantage of it
But then you filled the part
I spent my time and money babe,
I worked weeks just for you
So you could see the world with me
What else was there to do
I thought that I could keep you
But I was all so wrong
You never cared a bit for me
And loved others all along
To top it off you slept with him
When he’s already hurt you
I would of never done a thing like that
And you know that it’s so true
You made the choice and did it though
Didn’t even seem to regret it
Why you chose him over me
I’ll never get one bit
I’ll analyze this for so long
But I’ll still never understand
Why you lusted for all them
But pushed away my hand
I guess all of this had to happen
Eventually you were bound to get caught
But the way that this is ending now
Is one hundred percent your fault
I’m trying hard to remain calm
And I want to stay your friend
But the things that you have done to me
You don’t even try to amend
I don’t know if I can talk to you
Once I finally leave
It’s hard for me to see you now,
I still just can’t believe
You lied so much, and used me more
You were just so deceiving
But if that’s the person that you
Truly are, then I’m happy to be leaving
The kinder I got, the worse you were
I knew I could do better
I guess I had just made myself believe
That we were meant together
I was wrong once again,
I’m sure you’re happy to hear that
But after what you did to me
Just know I’m never coming back
I caught you late, wish it had been sooner
But there’s nothing I can do
I’m just happy now that I have seen
The person who’s really you
I wish you well and hope you change
And that’s all for your sake
Losing me in time you’ll realize
Was the worst mistake you’ll make
Jul 2012 · 1.8k
Fasten Your Seatbelts
In the event of an emergency
Please fasten your seatbelts
And attempt to remain calm
Breathe easy and prepare for the thrill
Ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be one hell of a ride
Docile, like sheep, you expect us to remain
In the face of our impending doom
Draw in deeply from the mask that’s fallen in front of you
Pure oxygen so that we may become euphoric
Before plummeting into land or sea
Now let’s not forget that life vest too
So strap up ladies and gentlemen,
This is going to be one hell of a ride
As engines three and four shut down
There is little noise to drown out the screaming
Families and loved ones clamoring to say goodbye
Funny how in the moments just before the end
We all want to make amends
The cabin’s losing pressure now
And our fall starts to speed
Over the intercom the captain shouts out
Altitudes, allowing us to pinpoint the exact
Moment that we will all likely die
I breathe in filling my lungs with something pure
Euphoria, eyes seal shut
In just moments it’s all over and I
Begin to fly right back up
Calm and collected as could be
We’re onto the next journey of life, or death
Ladies and gentlemen fasten your seatbelts
This is going to be one hell of a ride
Jul 2012 · 2.2k
Tracing the outline of her face
On a photograph she’d given me once
What now seems like so very long ago
Smoothing out the torn corners
As I once smoothed out her wild hairs
Ignoring the fading colors
Trying to remember just the way she felt
Running a finger from her chin to her cheek
Examining the crease of her smile
Before gently pressing fingers to
The two small beauty marks beside her nose
You can barely notice the one
But I’ll never forget it
I can recall every detail so perfectly
As if we had never even been apart
But it’s been ages now and I’m not sure
If my memory still serves me right
That’s why so often these days
I pull this picture free
From the folds of my wallet
And gaze at it for hours
Photo paper so worn and glossless now
Grown thin from the countless times
I’ve sat and traced that beautiful face
Only to do it a thousand more
Until there’s holes in this photograph
And my memory of her is all that remains
Jul 2012 · 1.2k
Fear is a natural feeling,
A part of life
To be afraid of something in this world
Is not so farfetched a thought
Death, being hated, never finding love
All completely fair to be afraid of
But the irrational fears that some have
Simply never cease to amaze me
And let me inform you,
That this is a true story
A mother who stabbed
Her husband with a fork
At the dinner table
While the children watched
Four prongs pierced skin and veins alike
Blood showered forth
As ketchup from the bottle
The children were devastated to say the least
Now twenty two years later
That same little boy from the kitchen table
Sits in the restaurant haunted and alone
No date, no friends, no company
Eating his steak with a plastic spoon
He murmurs something about
Forks being a leading cause of death
What a sad and untrue statistic
Jul 2012 · 999
I Knew When We Met
We were lying down, we were looking up
From the cemetery grounds at the sky up above
You were just a friend but I wanted more
I looked into your eyes and your head leaned forward

Lips pressed together, I felt your touch
Down in my stomach butterflies flew up
Leaned back in and stole one more
This feeling that I had I never felt before

In some weird way when we very first met
I knew we’d be together we were perfect set

We were sitting around by the fire
Drinking at the lake while the moon rose higher
Had a little fight, tell me what’s wrong
We can work this out and we’ll move right on

Took a stroll on down the beach
Walked for a while felt the sand in our feet
Said hey Meg you know I’ve been thinking
You should be my girlfriend is what I’m wishing

In some weird way when we very first met
I knew we’d be together we were perfect set

Couple months later and we’re still going strong
I’m happy that I met you and I hope it lasts long
We’ve hit a few bumps since we’ve been on the road
But no couples perfect and I want you to know

That I care about you so **** much
I know I get mad and don’t say it enough
But I care about you so **** much
Wouldn’t let a thing happen to you sweet stuff

In some weird way when we very first met
I knew we’d be together we were perfect set
Written as a song, can be heard at...
May 2012 · 1.3k
Life's Ledge
I’m standing at the edge of a cliff
The water is surging below me
And the wind blows fiercely
I hear the sharp whistle of a lifeguard coming to my aid
The sound pierces my ears making me step slightly forward
All of a sudden, a question in my mind
Why am I standing here?
I snap out of that thought as I feel a tug at my shirt
I kick off my shoes and drop them over the ledge
A great hunger rises over me
Strange enough I want fish, I only have to fall to get them
The lighthouse across the way casts a beam of light down upon me
I feel as if I’m all that matters, like the main character of a story written by an author’s pencil
I believe the author of this story wants to see me dance off this cliff
But I can’t be sure if I should comply
The familiar feeling of a slight twinge in my nose; this always happens when I make a poor decision
Looking down I see a small black bug standing at the edge beside me
It appears to be saying “it will be alright”
When I fall forward it is only me and my thoughts, surely this all was worth it
May 2012 · 1.1k
Great green melon,
I see you there.
A “smash hit”,
Center stage,
All eyes on you.
The mallet’s lifted,
Your smooth ripe skin,
The target
Of a sad little man.
Why he hates you,
No one knows.
Repulsed by your taste?
Or did you choke him once?
A genocide,
Of a whole new kind.
Your flesh gets split,
And your juices fly,
Yet laughter fills the air.
Great green melon,
You have received an honor.
To die by the hands
Of the great.
May 2012 · 577
End of the Line
I slipped onto the train
It made a long braking screech
A hundred iron wheels stopped time
I waited to hear the breeze
No one ever felt it like me
My heart stopped beating
It was harder to breathe
Asleep and hardly waking
May 2012 · 903
Carnivourous teeth
Masticate everything near
Mandibles of prey
May 2012 · 885
Sex & Ink
Tattoos and romance
Lit candle by the bedside
Ink and sweat span skin
May 2012 · 823
My Love
Asleep in my bed
Beauty like I've never seen
Rest easy my love
May 2012 · 1.3k
Your Reflection
What if at the end of the road
A mirror stood reflecting all that you know

What if there was no new beginning
But simply a mirror that replays the ending

What if when your friends pass
They see only a mirror, just a piece of glass

What if your life comes to a close
And you’re the man in the mirror that nobody knows

Eventually your time will pass,
But will you look in the mirror?
Or will you break the glass?
May 2012 · 1.7k
The Seer
A wrinkled hand
A fading light
The crystal ball
That burned so bright

A gypsy’s touch
A future sight
The crystal ball
That now ignites

Soft-spoken words
Come with a tear
The gypsy tells
Your end is near

Another test
Your palm is read
Cracked fingers trace,
You’re almost dead

The gypsy has
Just one more trick
The tarot cards
She draws them quick

The first of five
The devil flips
With number two
There’s burning ships

The third is drawn
A reaper shows
Out of the card
He unfolds

The seer tells you
Of her sorrow
“I’m sad to say
You wont see tomorrow”
May 2012 · 1.1k
Indifference, My Life
Defines my life
Thin line between
Happiness and depression
No one knows
The things that
Upset me,
The way I truly feel
I am not pleased,
With virtually everything
Dishonest to myself
And distant to all those
Who think they are close to me
No one really knows me,
No one has ever seen
The real me,
No one is trusted
Outweighs all,
Pressure to please others
Never myself
And in this cruel world
No one cares
Even those who claim to
Want merely
My affection,
Praise for the moment
When that time
Has passed,
They care no more,
As they never truly did
Countless are the hours
I spend on others,
Worthless are the dollars
I spend on others,
Just to be kind,
Simply to help
Slim to none
Is the reciprocation
I receive
Time and time again
I believe
Things will change,
I am wrong,
I know this,
I’ve known this
For a long time,
Yet still I try
All that is good
In this world
Is me,
All that is true
In this world
Is me,
All that I need
In this world
Is me
Apr 2012 · 721
Have you ever observed the consistency
Of liquor in the sun
Oil like waves through the fiery liquid
Stomach curdles at the thought
Thick and sickening, down it goes
Swallowing oil, more fun than it sounds
Aged and brown, my whiskey
No different from the oil in my car
Yet still the legality of one action
Is questioned over that of another
Periodically the oil is changed
So that things might run smoothly
Periodically the whiskey is drank
So that things might run smoothly
Periodically things will change
Mar 2012 · 1.0k
One in the Same
Your genius, your demons
They are one in the same
Your genius, your demons
They drive you insane

Your genius, a bulb
That shines bright in your mind
Your demons, a cross
That ignites when you die

A bulb that may shatter
And scatter your thoughts
A cross that may splinter
And leave your hopes lost

Your genius, a demon
That’s dragging you down
Your demons, a genius
That’s up in the clouds

A demon, that’s witty
He’s clever and quick
A genius, that’s frail
He’s shrouded in mist

Your genius, your demons
They are one in the same
Your genius, your demons
They drive you insane
Mar 2012 · 1.0k
Ripped from the Womb
Removing the stitches
Of a wound once inflicted
Brings back the pain
Of a time sick and twisted

A mother whose daughter
Never saw light,
Ripped from the womb
It just wasn't right

She was all to young
To support a new life,
Didn't want her baby
To deal with such strife

Despite laws and values
She made her choice,
The daughter inside her
Never had a voice

And now that it's over
And her child is gone
The scars just prove
That mother loved her daughter all along
Mar 2012 · 835
From the Closet
A boy, sixteen,
Like he's seventy.
Things he's seen,
Bares with levity.
Two eyes, too young,
To be witness
To a crime
That's so hannis.
Still he talks,
To his family.
Recalls the day,
All this happened.
Just eleven,
Saw the burglar coming,
Kicked down the door
Took mom to heaven.
Dad ran in,
But had no chance,
And in a moment
His life had passed.
The boy was left,
In the closet.
Held his breath,
Untill he lost it.
Tears streamed down,
Dropped from his cheek.
And out he ran,
While he weeped.
The killer noticed,
And quick two shots.
The boy was hurt,
The bad man dropped.
The sirens heard,
Police had come
To save the day.
Cuffed the man,
Took the boy away.
But alas,
The boy's still haunted,
To join his parents,
Was all he wanted.
Mar 2012 · 4.2k
The Squirrels Nest
Mother must have said it a thousand times,
Look with your eyes, not with your hands
But I was careless, full of youth

I wasn't the most privileged coming up
I respected things though, knew the meaning of money
But I was careless, full of energy

The Squirrels Nest, oddities and antiques
Mom loved that place, pricey as it was
But I was careless, full of curiosity

She used to take me there, that odd corner store
Mom would browse while I explored the wonders within
But I was careless, full of nerves

I remember just how it felt when she slapped me,
Large Minoan vase, my helmet, shattered on the floor
But I was careless, full of destruction

Mother said it a thousand and one times,
Look with your eyes, not with your hands
And finally, I had learned
Mar 2012 · 1.1k
Morning Beauty
Sleeping in a hotel,
Away from home
The mattress seems cold and hard,
Like a prison floor
The body next to mine is warm,
Raising so slightly with her
Shallow morning breaths
How we got here,
I don’t remember
But the emptied bottle of
Grey Goose by the bed
Seems to be a clue
It even explains the aching,
A dull pain behind my eye
I roll closer to the stranger
Next to me, draping an arm
Over her soft skin
As if hoping to absorb,
The name of this beauty
Her hair, like straw,
A golden brown, the faint
Scent of smoke
From the night before
Soft lips press to mine
“Good morning”, she says,
Her voice seeming angelic
“Hey”, I reply,
And we share a smile,
After we rise
“Last night”, the words
Fumbling from my mouth
Before I could even finish,
“Don’t worry about it”,
The door shutting behind her,
She left me with nothing,
But I, was in love
Mar 2012 · 880
Love is blind, or so I'm told
Deaf, blind, and mute, I'll never know
Circumstances change, the way you see
But i know, you're not like me

At least you know, I don't speak lies
I don't hear crying, and I dont see time
My world is dark, a lonely place
But at least for me, I know it's safe

So call me *******, and make your jokes
You don't bother me, I'll never know
They always wonder, do you want them back
But in this ignorant world, I'm not sure I'd last

Thanks but no, I'm rather pleased
Actually I feel bad, you can't live like me
Deaf, blind, and mute, is fine you see
Deaf, blind, and mute, just leave me be
Mar 2012 · 848
Bad Loaf
I am bread without the butter
Filling, but not quite the full effect
I am the heel of the loaf,
The piece you only eat
When you really are that hungry
Satisfying, but not quite satisfactory
I am the slice with the moldy spot
The one you can only eat half of
Tainted, but not yet completely lost
I am the loaf thats gone stale
Crisp, but not because im toasted
I am whole wheat when you wanted white,
And white when you wanted rye
I am never what you want,
But I am what you get
Mar 2012 · 952
Headless Horsemen
Since I was seven, I've had a dream of a man
Taking off his head and giving it to his girlfriend.

While it scared me at first, I've come to realize
Just because he's headless doesn't mean that he dies.

The sleepiest of hollows, he still can ride on
It's just his head that's missing, his heart isn't gone.

So headless, the horsemen, still gallops forward
Chasing a love that can't be ignored.

Now his girlfriend holds his head close and dear
If you follow your heart, love will always be near.
Mar 2012 · 638
Room of a Thousand Faces
Faces on the walls.
Thousands of them
Staring back at me.
Looming over me.
They watch me,
Day in.
Night out.
I can't make them stop,
I can't get out of their sight,
I can't even sleep.
Those eyes,
So black in the light,
Piercing red through the night.
Just staring at me,
Watching me,
Watching my every move.
I repent my actions,
I repent my days,
I repent my life,
In so many ways.
Locked and chained,
A prisoner to the room,
The room of a thousand faces.
Mar 2012 · 1.5k
Clockwork heart
It beats hands free
Pumping steel
Though the assembly line
That’s me
Watchtower body
Skeletally strong
Calcium foundation
That carries on
Life’s long
Air’s free
Gridiron lungs
Empower me
Breathe in
I live
Breathe out
I’m dying
Machine-like body
Keeps me surviving
Microchip mind
Making choices
Basic instinct
By voices
Crash course
In life
Without airbags
Wheels and gears
Slow and cease
Assembly line halts
Rest in peace
Mar 2012 · 2.5k
Alcoholic Easter
*****, whiskey, ***
Turns out they don't make good dye
At least not for a bunny with a DUI
Still to make things worse this was his first year on the job

Life in prison, it's not easy
With so few places to hide your eggs
And the people aren't so friendly
To be blunt, eggs end up where they shouldn't be

*****, ink, dirt
Stained the bunnies fur unnaturally
This holiday no candy baskets were delivered
I'd like to see you hop with a ball and chain

Two pictures in one day
Newspaper headlines and a mug shot
Easter's not so pretty with a black eye
Drunk, resisting arrest, what a sad way for Easter to die
Mar 2012 · 681
To Those Up Above
They say that heaven ain't so far away
But everywhere I look
Angels flying all around me
God I miss the ones they've took

And blessed be thy holy spirits
As heavy be our hearts
I wish it was a longer journey
From the light to dark

Cast from this world unto the next
Young lives cut too short
Rest in peace, watch over me
As pawns among gods court
In loving memory of all who I've lost.

— The End —