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May 2012
I’m standing at the edge of a cliff
The water is surging below me
And the wind blows fiercely
I hear the sharp whistle of a lifeguard coming to my aid
The sound pierces my ears making me step slightly forward
All of a sudden, a question in my mind
Why am I standing here?
I snap out of that thought as I feel a tug at my shirt
I kick off my shoes and drop them over the ledge
A great hunger rises over me
Strange enough I want fish, I only have to fall to get them
The lighthouse across the way casts a beam of light down upon me
I feel as if I’m all that matters, like the main character of a story written by an author’s pencil
I believe the author of this story wants to see me dance off this cliff
But I can’t be sure if I should comply
The familiar feeling of a slight twinge in my nose; this always happens when I make a poor decision
Looking down I see a small black bug standing at the edge beside me
It appears to be saying “it will be alright”
When I fall forward it is only me and my thoughts, surely this all was worth it
Seth Connor Jackson
Written by
Seth Connor Jackson  New Jersey
(New Jersey)   
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