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May 2012
Defines my life
Thin line between
Happiness and depression
No one knows
The things that
Upset me,
The way I truly feel
I am not pleased,
With virtually everything
Dishonest to myself
And distant to all those
Who think they are close to me
No one really knows me,
No one has ever seen
The real me,
No one is trusted
Outweighs all,
Pressure to please others
Never myself
And in this cruel world
No one cares
Even those who claim to
Want merely
My affection,
Praise for the moment
When that time
Has passed,
They care no more,
As they never truly did
Countless are the hours
I spend on others,
Worthless are the dollars
I spend on others,
Just to be kind,
Simply to help
Slim to none
Is the reciprocation
I receive
Time and time again
I believe
Things will change,
I am wrong,
I know this,
I’ve known this
For a long time,
Yet still I try
All that is good
In this world
Is me,
All that is true
In this world
Is me,
All that I need
In this world
Is me
Seth Connor Jackson
Written by
Seth Connor Jackson  New Jersey
(New Jersey)   
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