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Essen  Oct 2016
More Squid Poems
Essen Oct 2016
Touch the squid
Rub the squid
Taste the squid
Chase the squid

Love the squid
See the squid
You can even be the squid
Found some poetry from a couple years ago. I might upload a thing or two.
Essen Dec 2015
A giant squid is friend to none
Fighting, killing all the same
Only strength and steady aim
Can send the squidly monster on the run

A giant squid, a fearsome foe
Quick like snake and strong like cow
Fight the beast if you know how
Otherwise it's time to go

A tiny squid, a little friend
Knows the key to tame the hulk
Have him speak and do not sulk
Tears won't save you from a squidly end

Cheers for all, good times are on the way
The giant squid, he meant no harm at all
The tiny squid has saved us from the fall
Bless his squidly wisdom on this day
Joe Butler  Apr 2011
Happy Squid
Joe Butler Apr 2011
Oh, a happy squid am i
Such a happy squid
Drifting through the blue
Feeling porous
Not quite here
How I dance away
On billows of happiness
This is the way
To spend the day
And carefree
Oh, a happy squid am i
Such a happy squid.
Vicki Kralapp Aug 2012
Sitting beneath a giant squid eating sushi.
Watching the bubbles in my beer rising to the top of my glass.
Lost in my dreams, from on top the canopy of life,
living the moment with you.

Time holds its breath as you sit beside and in me,
with your disc jockey voice and your blue-grey eyes.
I’m floating away in a glass of foam as you carry me away,
surrounded by a sea of voices beneath a giant squid.

Your hair rolls in a sea of auburn waves, caressing your face.
Emotion welling in my heart, burning my soul.
In the next room fire leaps from tables to light our way,
to a place where love is remembered and memories kept.
All poems are copy written and sole property of Vicki Kralapp.
Essen  Feb 2016
Giant Squid
Essen Feb 2016
Giant squid
Giant squid
Run away from giant squid

He got fid
Pushing mid
Teammates blew respective lids
likely only makes a lick of sense if you've ever played a MOBA
K Balachandran Aug 2012
How much i love it,

she knows well,

eyes curiously down-

at me eating squid;

the eight armed cephalopod,

soft and dainty to eat,

in more ways than one,

now spread eagled in my front,

"I could eat you too

if you wish" I banter,

she looks at me mischievously as if

it's more than a joke,

and shakes head.

"Would I be as dainty

as such a fish?" she asks,

as if she is serious to get an answer,

flashing those expressive eyelashes,

clearly in a way I can see what it means!

"Yes, bilateral symmetry I have,

but not eight arms, is it okey?"

She knows all about my tastes,

(who would, if she doesn't?)

squids, octopus and the like

and clams...ooh, i love them, so much

bit sticky stuff, yes I like to mess up a bit,

that way, isn't it exciting?

I relish, squid and cuttle fish,

till I am fully satisfied.

Was she a fish in my waters?

To tell you the secret: she wasn't.

she was an octopus!

wily? yes, but lovable.

who strung me with,

her soft, supple tentacles!

Imposing her sweet wishes

on my senses,

eventually her wishes

become my commands,

to the end,

till she asks,

no more.
wesley mcmillon  Dec 2015
wesley mcmillon Dec 2015
I'm a squid,
I've mentioned it before in a poem
As we sit side by side
I can feel my tentacles,
Invisible to the eye,
Wrapping around you.
You probably can't feel the suckers against your back and side.
You sit singing whilst you draw
I'm also drawing.
Drawing you closer to me.
Closer to my heart
closer to my love.
I'm a squid
I'm a squid in love
I love you so
I won't let you go.
The squid seller's call
mingles with the voice
    of the cuckoo.
bobby burns Nov 2012
heavy, deep and dark.
louder, louder;
the twofold pounding
of clockwork respiration.

thud, (thud-thud)
goddess arms hang
into the abyss, like
dead weight.

depth obscures,
lesser life forms
meander on their own,
unaware of the wayward colossus.


a shroud of antiquity
suspended --
veiling the secret
of ages.

thud, [thud-thud]
percussive life
continues alone,
out of time.


untrue Jun 2015
let me equate my genitals
to a predatory animal
to illustrate my ****** prowess
and mating standards
in song:

my vampire squid don't
my vampire squid don't
my vampire squid don't want none
unless you got an anaconda ***

my disdain for your personality
and general mentality
is also strong, simply because:

i like big ***** and i cannot lie
you other sisters can't deny
that when a boy walks in with a six pack
and a hose thing in your face
you get wet

disembodying objectification,
stereotypical representation,
hedonistic utilitarianism,
and *** ed with some rhyme:

black boy sippin' white wine
put my fist in him like a civil rights sign
then he came like aaaaah! (1)
(1) that's kanye, apparently: "i'm in it"
parody purposes and all
little moon Apr 2014
a couple of days ago we visited a land inhabited by deceivingly accurate portrayals of life. we grew so entranced by everything we saw. we spotted a very strange looking crustacean flanked by a really thin looking squid positioned upright. she quipped about how it looked just like a pen, and when we went to the store we made it our life's only mission to find it and buy a replica so that every time we confessed to our journals we'd remember the day. but it wasn't there. i think about it now and i laugh because what kind of a mentality is that? to just be so sure that something will be there, will work out in our favors, will come back despite all odds. i can't afford to think with such ironclad naivety. people are not infallible. funny as it is, i can't expect to find a squid pen, and no amount of determination can make tangible something that doesn't exist.

but the whale, above our heads, floated as lifeless and seemingly ordinary as a chandelier. a half idyllic half menacing scene at the bottom of the ocean. we laid underneath it and felt so small. our worries and problems themselves seemed even more infinitesimal. i pretended i was submerged underwater, letting all of my troubles disappear and become one with nature, and she was the only person who could listen to my thoughts.
"we saw a weirdass squid"

— The End —