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Noon M Imad Nov 2012
Have you seen beauty?
I ask you,
I plead this unseen eye of the beholder,
Show me beauty
Tell me of passion,
Paint it across my windows,
Paint my bones into beautiful,
Mold an angel out of ash and soul,
That is who I am really,
Ash and soul,
Have you seen beauty?
It is, It is, It is
It is the death of your mother,
The loss of your assets,
The hunger of your mind,
The convolutions of your gut,
The impairment of sight,
The ignornance of rythm,
Bury beauty,
Bury conception,
Bury gifts and wounds,
Bury reminders, memos, alarms, missedcalls
Burn a planet,
Take its kind lovers and send them to a white light,
a blue earth,
an earth ripe,
Have you seen beauty?
I ask you beacuse I have,
With eyes shut and heart open,
In you,
Molded, kind angels of ash and soul.
This poem is somewhat hard to read, mainly because it's written to be read to a rhythm. It's free-verse spoken word poetry so enjoy =)
Arshia Qasim Dec 2018
I sent my senses
out across the galaxy...
From the farthest corners
to highest peaks
to deepest caverns
I sent my defences
in the other direction
knocking walls
between thoughts, feelings, reveries
rummaging through memories

The squads returned empty
having wreaked havoc
inside and out

In the meantime
inspiration called, and left
to find me absent.

Writers life, inspiration

— The End —