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Brett Nov 2020
Hey, lately I have been feeling broke and cold
Spending time alone
That old feeling has started reaching out and taking hold
Beep Please leave a message at the tone

Hey, life has called for me to hit the road
To conquer mountains and feel the sand beneath my toes
In search of a place where the lone wolf roams
Beep Please leave a message at the tone

Hey, been on the lookout for a place to call my own
You know that cabin by the lake where we used to skip those stones
Sorry I missed you
Ring back when you get home
I’ll be here
Somewhere between alive and alone
Beep Please leave a message at the tone
MJ Nov 2020
The daggers in your voice
they're the reason I fled.
No following me;
you stayed snug in your bed.
You stabbed me with my own
most shameful secret
when minutes before,
you promised you'd keep it.
I ignored all your calls
the words rang in my head
I don't think
I will ever
Forget what you said.
M-PAC Nov 2018
You don’t know what you mean to me
Something like water to a dying tree
Something like a doctor to a broken knee
Something like Beyoncé to Jay Z
I ain’t even tryna compare but
I gotta get this off my chest
Let’s discuss
What you and
I can be
All it takes is trust


Me promise I’ll get you through it

(Through it)

You know I love it
we get intimate

I wish that I could tell you
what’s on my mind

I’ll never force the issue
I’ll leave it all to time
You’ll never know what you mean
Inside I’m dying (hmmm)

— The End —