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Jam Rock Apr 2013
We were Just kids
afriad of the world
Waiting on our time to break free
Waiting for our time to break away from this town.
We wanted to see Cali and New York
but never seemed to get further then our front Porch
I remember one day we said lets just go
and not have a plan
or a place
fill the car up and our pockets with as much as we can.
We hit the open road with nothing more then a elightenment that'd we find
something bigger then ourselves.
That maybe somewhere out there we'd find our destiny our fate
Do you remember gripping the stearing wheel as night turned to day
and I ended up in the backseat snuggled up with a make shift pillow.
I remember looking up at the stars and asking myself
just what IS this all about
why is it that we are all trapped in this constant unfullfillment
we cant seem to find the nourashment our souls need.
I remember digging in my pockets and realizing that I had a good 75 cents too my name
and I started to miss home.
That little trip didn't last long
and it was only a Gravel Travel
but questions were answered that needed to be answered
I found myself out there on those county roads
even if it didn't last as long as I wanted.
nate1990 Feb 2016
Unsolicited silence
Barging into the very midst
Of a lucid daydream
With intentions
To suffocate
A train of thought
Destined for elightenment
Perfectly executed
It despises all intentions
To become conscious
Blaring in monotone fashion
Deafening the very ears
That fall upon it.

— The End —