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Mateuš Conrad Nov 2018
what's the equivalent of the English
and American version?
rhymes and... for the latter:
                   i hate American acronyms...
GOP... DNC...
government of power?
            democratic national curriculum?
what the fuse?!
now... the Americans spewing
acronyms is worse than
English slang -
because there's a definite meaning
behind it...
              i remember the time
when you'd pick up a dictionary,
at a time when people would wear
clothes that had the word, duffer,
printed on them...
  duffer: a stupid and an inefficient
           ha... people used to wear
said clothes back in high-school
on non-uniform day...
   mind you...
       you can't exactly have a teen
fest fetish movie surrounding
high-school at the movies...
if, you go, to a catholic school...
and there's a uniform code...
everyone's uniform...
              in uniform...
            no one competes via
                       clothing, trends, etc.
    that's the closest i came to joining
the army... then again...
i might not have went to a catholic
      i might have been under
  the jurisdiction of Ignatius of Loyola...
cardinal manifesto
of the black pope:
              i.e. Stendhal -
my favorite book in my teens:
and one of the few books...
that i read, being inspired
by a movie...
who was it... Rachel (kel kel Ra-ca-ca-kel)
Weisz and Ewan Mcgregor...
i still can't read anything
by J.R.R. Tolkien...
   fun fact...
how can you tell the difference
a Hibernian and a Hearts
or a Rangers contra Celtic fan,
i.e. a protestant Pict from a catholic
                           (that's catholic)
             (that's protestant)...

Glasgow blue (protestant)
  Glasgow green (catholic)
      Edinburgh green (catholic)
Edinburgh claret (protestant);

savvy? good good.
The Jolteon Jan 2017
Since the 80s
Any parties for working people
Have virtually disappeared
The most well known
Took a hard right turn
Now pro-war, deregulation
Slashing social services
Criminalizing youth of color
While the Republicans
Went further and further right

Now we have two conservative parties
The center right big D Democrats
And the far right Republicans
A vote for Trump
Was a vote for facism
A vote for Hillary
Was a vote for neoliberalism
There were more than four candidates
Did you know?

This is also known
As the one party system
More dems voted repub
Than other way around
******* DNC
******* RNC
The snakes are all on the same plane
Cedric McClester Feb 2017
By: Cedric McClester

Russians attacked
Our democracy
But there’s little interests
If you ask me
On the part of some lawmakers
Who appear to be
More interested in
The leaks that they see

Russians attacked
Our democracy
But where is the furor
Like in Benghazi
Something ain’t right
And here is the key
There’s more partisanship
Than there needs to be

Russians attacked
Our democracy
But he’s not upset
Like he should be
Not the least bit ruffled
From what I can see
And his attitude
Is a real mystery

Russians attacked
Our democracy
And steered an election
That we thought was free
By hacking emails
Of the DNC
And leaking them
As the case may be

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2017.  All rights reserved.
Bill Johnston  Jun 2020
That Day
Bill Johnston Jun 2020
A dnc,
that day,
so long
I thought
I lost
my wife.
We never
had a
for the
We left,
went back.

— The End —