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Fucking tired Nov 2016
"Hit me daddy"
"Hurt me daddy"

Yes I have daddy problems
I have mom problems too
I have trust issues as well
That's why I need someone to care for me
Someone to rock me to sleep
Someone to scream over the voices
Telling me I'm nothing
That I'm beautiful
That I'm perfect.

Yes I've been beaten
That's why I need to be able
To give my trust fully
To someone who'd stop
When I ask

Yes I call him daddy
Yes I love it when he leaves marks
No it isn't gross
No it isn't abuse

I know both personally
This is something new
This is something foreign to me
This is love.
This is about the **** ive gone through and how **** helps me. Not about my man abusing me wanna make that very clear. I love my man he loves me. We have a child and i love my life now. :)

But as it is poetry look at it however it helps you ;) if it helps you come to terms with a bad relation so be it but i jist want yall to know thats not exactly what i was writing about
Cindy Long Aug 2017
I look at my purple and yellow flesh.
Smile at the memory of where you have been.
The harsh and heavy marks of our love.
I bite my bottom lip and press my thighs tight.
Stifle moans from the ache it brings.
Explosions raddle my brain and i wish to be with you again.
I trace the indention of rope along my wrists.
The thin line between pain and pleasure.
How we crossed it; played hop-scotch with it.
I giggle to the excitement of my battered soul.
The snap and crack of a flogger on my back.
Spiders crawl down my spine with the words,
"You are mine."

— The End —