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Karijinbba  Jun 2019
Karijinbba Jun 2019
Call me change joining
                  goddess art of
one of nine arts
       changing muses among
many several other arts mine are            
           memory at best!
I am changing my art
            and mouse
                   to include
          the beauty I see in many poets and poetessess
                on here H.P.
you are like gods and
    possessing nine glorious arts expressing
             diverse entertaining
inspiring muses
         memory commedy
idylic poetry
             beauty dance
                          grace allure
              a great poet showed me
to unstock from my
                   same old muse rhyme
to "fly free to glide soaring"
               exploring my mind
into change
         applying other arts
                 So I read your various
arts diverse muses from
             many of you
                  on here H.P    
                     greatfully learning
the many glorious poetic arts
                diversity humility
treasures best
                  to stick around
  H.P when the going
                         gets tough
         my ink flows freely
my best commedy mask's on!
                 shephesd's crook!
wreath of ivy!
        beauty grace in all of yours!
is here to stay
Inspired by great poet
 Pagan Paul to use
                       my other arts  
             changing muses
updated 06-12-19
Gratefully yours.
               Thanks everyone.
          here on H.P. reading liking.
loving reposting.
        All of your
Art inspires me.
K.X X.

— The End —