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glass can May 2013
sugared fingers, the smell of Chanel
and I am flushed on red berry wine

and the charms of someone, dear,
who I would like to call "Valentine"

la vie en la rose
this red stains lips pink and
I see in pink, everything around me

as I dip my nose to my wrists, inhaling

Sicilian oranges, Calabrian bergamo
Indonesian patchouli, Haitian vetiver
Bourbon vanilla andd white musk

I giggle coquettishly and I am blushing,

For these sweet nothings
mean very much to me
Mike Adam  Sep 2016
Mike Adam Sep 2016
The little ***
You gave

White with red

Kept it so long
The glaze cracked.

Bet you are
Improved too

By a few
Laughing lines
Arkapravo  Mar 2020
In Lockdown
Arkapravo Mar 2020
Bergamo is a ghost town,
Wuhan the reason to frown,
A little virus painted us gray, maybe brown,
And it hits the lungs, and also wears a crown

So much for the markets and the stocks,
Many people go home with the box,
Most of the stores are locked,
Deserted streets, airports and the docks

Never known an enemy as this,
It kills silently, not even a snake's hiss,
A cough, a cold and soon life is amiss,
It will not spare you, even if you are a prince

New York is next in line,
A pandemic, worse than fever of the swine,
Wash your hands, and try not to whine,
Put on a mask, the air is not too fine

Is it the time for twilight?
The end of our might?
The world hangs by a thread too tight,
Save our souls, quite
Written on 25 March 2020
shireliiy Sep 2015
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Emily B Feb 2016
looking back at me
from a 16th century painting

Count Alborghetti of Bergamo And His Son

it was your face
your hair
your eyes
your hands

i never had a photograph
of you before

i searched
until i found
the artist and the subject

holy ****
you really shouldn't
sneak up on me that way

i remember
being married to you
a thousand years before
and a couple of hundred
years after

but this image
is a shock to me
painting by Giovanni Battista Moroni

— The End —